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Tiki sites behind reverse proxy/load balancer - won't create correct URLs

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Here is our scenario: we're running Tiki 12.10 on Apache/MariaDB/Linux for an intranet collection of Tiki sites.

https://www.mydomain.com/projects/project1/ is reverse proxied to https://tiki.mydomain.com/projects/project1/

https://www.mydomain.com/projects/project2/ is reverse proxied to https://tiki.mydomain.com/projects/project2/

https://www.mydomain.com/projects/project3/ is reverse proxied to https://tiki.mydomain.com/projects/project3/

and so on.

Unfortunately the URLs created by email notices, searches, wiki page listings, etc. etc. - are all of the form https://tiki.mydomain.com/projects/projectx/

We've tried using the load balancing setup and the reverse proxy setup in the General Admin area - but doesn't seem to change anything.

Is there a way to force Tiki to use www.mydomain.com as the site name for all URLs generated?


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