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Installing tikiwiki 18.0 Alpha

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I have tried installing the above new version but get the following error message.

"Fatal error: Call to a member function urldecode() on null in /home/mcadamco/public_html/bluebook180.mcadam.org.nz/lib/parser/parserlib.php on line 3671"

I am currently using v 17.1

Perhaps i just wait for version 18.0 or 18.1? :-)

Has anyone any idea what is going wrong?



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Rod late reply here, but I have installed Tiki18 just last week and it went well, I am guessing things improved since you last tried, give it another try!
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HI there John thanks for your reply.

I don't think the file date has changed still 6th Dec so think you will have installed the same files as I.

Do you upload extracted files via ftp or do you upload the full archive and extract?

Do you upgrade install to a clean directory initially?


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Version 18.0 beta seems to install without any problems :-)
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Awesome Rod! Sorry I never made it back here to reply, but to answer, I upload both ways just to see what works and what may not. SVN or a zip file to the server, either way.
18 Beta is available now too in case you did not know.

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HI there John

When you are uploading by ftp do you find that at times you are asked whether you want to over write
either 0 byte files or a newer file with todays date? This is when uploading to an initially empty directory.
I assume that a previous attempt to upload failed leaving a zero byte or in someway incomplete file?
Its rather annoying when uploading 24k or there about files. :-)
Maybe i should slow down my upload speed or the number of files being processed at once?

I Installed 18.0beta yesterday and that seems to have installed perfectly thanks :-)


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Rod, I don't use FTP hardly at all anymore, I have direct access to our server via our shared hosting, so I just upload the zip file directly to the directory I want, then extract it there. And then run perms sh setup.sh through Shell.
Also through Shell I'll SVN up if that is the route I want to go, SVN has a ton advantages, if you upload via SVN initially, you can then SVN up any bug fixes or updates as they come out.

Are you familiar with Shell access?

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