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Profiles list don't appears

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I just did a new installation of version 17.1, and everything seems to work fine, except that the configuration profiles do not appears.
When I click "search" in admin -> configuration profiles ........... a new browser window opens with the application, but without the profiles list.

Does anyone know why this can happen?

Thank you very much and best regards

Santi Peralta

posts: 42 Spain

Thanks for your answer.
I thing when I did the query I din't explain it correctly, because effectively the profiles are not loaded from the wizard, but neither from the control panel.
When I click on the "Search" button in the "Profiles" control panel, it makes a search attempt, but the profile list is not loaded, neither error message.
It seems that the connection to download the profiles fails.
This happens to me since I changed the hosting of the application to another hosting, in the host that I had before, the profiles worked correctly with the same version (17.1).
I have already asked the hosting support service, but they tell me that the server works correctly.
I'm a little discouraged, I'm thinking about leave out the project, becouse I hired a second hosting server, because in the first one I had hired the tiki had another problem, worse than this one of the profiles. That's why I changed hosting, just to try, and effectively the previous problem has disappeared, but now I have this one with de profiles list, uffffffff
I do not feel like hiring a third server just to try.

thank you again, for your interest, and best regards.

Santi Peralta

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You explained it fine Santi, your issue is the bug I linked you too, this issue is not your server, it's a Tiki issue that fails to connect to the profiles, don't change server! This is purely a Tiki issue. They are working on it now.
posts: 42 Spain

OK, thank you very much,
Maybe with 18. version works fine.

Santi Peralta

posts: 639 United States
Santi, 18 is having issues as well, they should be getting this worked out very soon, this is a huge component of Tiki.

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