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my Tiki page has gone down. at first, I thought it was something I had done so I checked SQL and other things but when I tried to install a brand new tiki from GoDaddy both my current tiki and the new on getting the same error.
Things I can do
See the control panel
goto the list http://wiki.mousecentral.com/tiki-listpages.php
make changes in the control panel.
my best guess is that something has changed on the GoDaddy side.
when I try to create a new page it gives me an “ajax error”

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Donny, did you ever this figured out yet?
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sadly no, I called Godaddy and they had no answer. At first, they were no help but when I explained that even a new installation of tiki gets the same error, that is when they tried to help. I would really like to stay with GoDaddy and with Tiki. I have done a fresh install, re-install, an upgrade and rain the troubleshooter that says nothing significant. I would like to know if anyone is running Tiki on godaddy successfully  ???

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Have you done the “Server Check” found under “Tools”? This might give you some clues.

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Looks like Donnyz site is still down, this is very sad, I remember when he first started to build this tiki, I wish I had a solid answer.

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