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I am looking for a solution to write a book with a team of authors. This needs to have a discussion opportunity for multiple (treaded) replies on certain sections, and preferably a resolve.
Looks alot like google docs.
Is this possible and are there some demo's somewhere ?

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robo, you can create categories for your books sections, and the forum structures per category will auto-populate the topic when items are changed or created.
So if you create a category named "Book One" and you create your forum, and you allow wiki page creation and changes to start topics in the forums, you will direct associations with the forum and the category and pages created in that category.
So, let's say you create chapter one within category "Book One" or name it anything you want, each time a new chapter is created, or wiki page, a fresh topic in the forum will be automatically created for that chapter. Tiki does this now.

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Thank you for your insights, but that is not really a workable solution, guess I have to revert to google-docs

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You can also allow comments in the same page your editing, and you also have the ability to live real time collaborate with the https://doc.tiki.org/PluginTogether
You can collaborate real time and white board as well.

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