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Very slow saving Wiki pages

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We have a new site which works fine most of the time with the exception of saving Wiki pages - it takes about 20 seconds to save a page - our web host blames it on the software saving there is so many linkied pho files it will probably be that slow saving. We have upgraded our website to a VPS solution and everythying else works quickly.

Ive tried tweaking the poerfoance settings in the performacne modules and have not been able to make a difference.

Is it normal that page content saves take so long ? If not could anytiong give me a pointer as to how to troublesdhoot the issue?



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Hi - can anyone shed any might on this? Does it normally take 15-20 seconds to save page content?

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What version of Tiki are you using? For comparison, themes.tiki.org is using Tiki 17.2 and a page save takes between 5 and 6 seconds, from clicking the save button to redisplay of the saved page. My local branch 18 site takes 4-5 seconds, but of course there's no data transfer time since it's on my local computer. On the other hand, at doc.tiki.org right now my page saves are actually producing time-out errors, they are taking so long. That site is running Tiki 18.0, and there may be some site configuration problem - I'll try to find the reason and post it when the problem is debugged.

There aren't many modules, etc. on the faster pages I tested. Also I'm not using ShareThis, which can add to page display time. Do your pages have any extras that might add to the time?

-- Gary

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Tiki17.1 and having the same issue with home page only. It takes about 30 seconds to save the page, yet half the time the page just goes blank, like a timeout.
My tiki18 site is not having this issue, this is new for our tiki17, we have not experienced this issue till now.

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I solve this - it was duie to notifications sent on modifications to pages, but only if sent via zend. I re-routed the email to go via our exchange server and everything was fine.

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Glad you found the issue arunrf, coincidentally I found our issue as well shortly after I reported it here.
I moved our tiki from domain to another, on the old domain it was running php7.0 when I moved it to the new domain it was running php5.6, I changed the php version and it all ran nice.

Happy endings!

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