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Install on Synology NAS DSM6

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Can anyone advise on this installation?

I cannot set the database connection. I have exhausted my searches for information. but I still get the error message "Database `tiki`. Unable to connect to database. "

I have created a database called "tiki" using phpMyAdmin
I have created a database user admintiki for "tiki" with full permissions.

I have tried using the drivers MySQL Classic and MySQL Improved.
Apache 2.4
DBMS is MariaDB 10 (Have not tried MariaDB5
PHP5 5.6 (PHP7.0 tried as well)
All PHP settings enabled.

The server can send emails


Your server can send emails.

Tiki version: 17.1
PHP version: 5.6.31
Server: xxxxx.familyds.net
Sent: Mon, 22 Jan 18

posts: 41

I now have installed it successfully. Some was trial and error, so I am not sure of all the parameters.

The db is on MariaDB 5
PHP is 5.6

I am yet to set up a relay server for mail successfully, so at the moment users have to be set up without them requiring a validating email.

Setting up features is slow, but general navigation is acceptable. I guess a more powerful NAS would be better as the upload speed to my ISP would not seem to be the bottleneck.

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