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Unique URL Number For Each Wiki Article

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I'm playing with a new TikiWiki 17 installation. I'm still teaching myself so this might be a noob question. Due to the nature of the site I'm building, the title for each wiki article may change from time to time thus changing the URL. I don't want this to happen because links will break. There might be a module for this but what I'm looking for is a number to be assigned to each new wiki article. These will essentially be permalinks.

Something kinda like this.

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Hi Jeffrey,

Each wiki page does have an ID number. The URL format tiki-index.php?page_id=1 can be used. To know the IDs of pages, you can activate "Page ID" under the "Page Listings" tab of the wiki admin page, to see the IDs on tiki-listpages.php. The page ID can also display on the page itself near the title by activating it under "Page Display" under the "General Configuration" tab of the wiki admin page (tiki-admin.php?page=wiki). The page ID also is assigned as a CSS id to the HTML tag, for styling or other CSS uses, if you ever need that.

-- Gary

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Gary, this is exactly what I'm looking for. However, I'm unable to locate the "Page ID" setting.

Wiki Admin

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Thank you Gary! I figured it out, I had to enable Advanced settings to get the option. Something you probably use a lot more than me.
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The Basic/Advanced toggle was put there to reduce the amount of administration clutter and, we thought, make configuring the site easier, but the downside is a lot of useful options are hidden until that switch is flipped, so we need to figure out how to make the preference level switching more clear. Sorry I forgot to include that step. :-)

-- Gary

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I think Basic and Advanced is a good thing to have. Is there a way to make Advanced always on? It resets to Basic every time I go to a different menu.
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To the right of the toggle is a "filter" icon (shaped like a funnel). If you click that, there's a dropdown menu that has the level checkboxes, so you can make "advanced" permanent there.

-- Gary

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Awww yes, the Advance toggle, a whole new world opens up doesn't it Jeffrey!
Check out your theme options for width too, now you can choose the width of your site!

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Also realize the displayed title of the page can be different than the page name itself. Use a friendly, unique page name and then set the displayed page title differently. Change the page title without changing the page name and the URL stays the same.

Numbers for URL's with PHP file references are ugly. Turn on SEFURL and you can get nice, readable, easily-remembered page references. Page names with spaces are just fine. Spaces convert to '+' signs in the URL. May make for a cleaner, nicer site.

If you insist on using numbers still, at least update the SEFURL table to allow a reference like /pageNNN where NNN is the pageID. (Don't recall if that is already in the predefined table of rewrites. See route.php for latest.)

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I'll continue this thread since it's a related issue.

I've noticed some fragmentation between a page with the number URL and the same exact page with the title based URL when playing with the Geolocation feature where the location shows up in one and not the other.

My site is still in the experimental stage but you can take a look for yourself and notice the map locations are different.



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