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Mention other user in comment

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Hi all, I've searched comprehensively to find a solution, but haven't been successful so far. Hopefully one of you can help me out?

We just started using TikiWiki as a knowledge base in our company. My colleagues really are missing functionality to be able to mention other users in a comment placed at a wiki page. Similar like you can use in a Whatsapp group or other messaging applications.
It should be as simple like this when writing a comment; typing an '@' or pushing a button, get a list of users, filter by typing the first characters and select the user.
So the mentioned user gets a email that his name has been mentioned and his attention is necessary.

Is there any plugin/module/solution that could give this kind of functionality?

posts: 25

Hi Luci,
Thank you for pointing me to this feature request, it's exactly what I was hoping for.
Fingers crossed that this will be implemented quicklybiggrin

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