Change Flatly to yellow and black

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to change the flatly theme to yellow and black as those are our organisations' colours. I think I have found the correct line in flatly.css, but it is not making any changes on the front end. I tried adding a "yellow" option, but my amendments in yellow.css were also ignored.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a caching option I am missing?

How should I go about customising this theme?



I have gone through flatly.css as well as yellow.css and removed all the // instances. Unfortunately, the firefox DOM inspector shows a // in line 13 on yellow.css which is not there serverside!

What am I missing here?

So there is a cache! In the infobox for "Minify CSS" it says,

"Compress CSS files (notably by removing whitespace). Changes to CSS files will require cache to be cleared"

How do I clear the cache?

Just to be clear, I have now changed to Yeti as, even after I restored the stock version, Flatly was doing random stuff! I think it is highly probable that a cache is preventing changes from being made, however, I cannot see where this can be configured.

How do I disable all caching?

Czech Republic

Hi James,
caching cannot be disabled globally iirc but you can clear your Tiki cache easily by using the "Quick Admin" module (probably assigned somewhere on top right or left when logged in as admin) or going to tiki-admin_system.php?do=all directly. If you mean your browser cache, try Ctrl+F5.


I have cleared all caches but it does not appear to be making any difference. How is this so difficult? All I want to do is make a few things yellow!

Can anyone make a theme that follows my previous screenshot?


I don't have a Tiki 14 to test with, but I applied your flatly/yellow.css (as you posted above) to a Tiki site running trunk, and it worked immediately to change the navbar background color and other details. No need to flush the cache, no changing the minify setting, etc. (Minify CSS isn't turned on at this site.) You can see it here: http://zukakakina.com.

I'm afraid I haven't an idea why this has been so troublesome on your server. (As you can see, the text/links in the navbar would need fixing if this theme were active left active, but that'd just be an implementation detail.)

-- Gary

Thanks for testing that for me Gary.

Would it be awfully improper of me to ask for an hour of your time on skype? I'd happily pay you for it! Just want to get this working on my end!




You're welcome.

That would be fine. You can email me at gary at zukakakina.com and we can make arrangements.

-- Gary

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