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According to the code grepped below it should work, unless you have special permissions set directly on the structure:

$ grep -InER --color --exclude-dir=.svn --exclude-dir=temp "struct_editable" . ./templates/tiki-wiki_structure_bar.tpl:44: {if $struct_editable eq 'a'} ./templates/tiki-wiki_structure_bar.tpl:69: {if $struct_editable eq 'y'} ./lib/wiki/renderlib.php:148: $this->smartyassign('struct_editable', 'a'); # a stands for both perms: tiki_p_edit and tiki_p_edit_structures ./lib/wiki/renderlib.php:150: $this->smartyassign('struct_editable', 'y'); # y stands for only tiki_p_edit_structures perm (but not tiki_p_edit) ./lib/wiki/renderlib.php:152: $this->smartyassign('struct_editable', 'n');