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Temporary Users & Tokens Problem

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Hi, I am trying to create some temporary users on my wiki using tokens.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. I created a Temp user with the following infos

groups: Registered, Anonymous (I tried only with Registered but saw another user who had to put the Anonymous group as well in order to make it work).

Autologin url: index.php (I left it like that and then tried to put the url of the group's homepage without success).

Whatever I try I land, without an error, on the Anonymous group homepage. And if I try to go on a page for the registered users, it says "you do not have the permission".

Do I have to tick a box somewhere to make it work?

Thanks for the help.

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Hello Alexis,

Last time I used it, it was working (but was a year ago - ) and I retested it with a fresh 18.x and it is working fine.
May be this screenshot will help:
Screen Shot 2018 05 17 At 13.12.26

Can you specify what version you are using ?

It is unlikely you want to invite a user as anonymous (anon have access already to what they can see).

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And now for some reason it seems to work fine!

can anyone confirm? Sorry for the bother? maybe it was a cache of some sort...


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Alexis, unrelated to your issue, I noticed when loading up the link to the page, the aerial image took a few seconds to load, and it slowed down the loading of the page, the image you have is around 4.3mb, you may want to reduce the size of that image down to kb size, in order for the page to load much quicker.
Just a heads up!

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Hi John,

Thanks for your feedback! I'm quite new with this and I changed the image. Indeed it loads much faster!

Many thanks again.

Kind regards,

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You are very welcome!
Just holler if you need help, we are not that far away.