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Features / Usability

Is there a way to put two blocks of text next to each other on the same page?

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Having gone through the layout problems I am now onto the editing.
One a single page I have a number of blocks of text that I would like to be able to place next to each other in a way that would allow me to control the distance to margins and the gap between the two.

Tried tables but it's like opening yet another can of worms: editing inside cells, getting rid of boarders and shadows, etc. and no editable examples to be found so one could learn by copying and pasting existing code.

Any ideas?

Please let me know

Thank you!

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Just to say, I've managed to use the SPLIT code that put my content into 2 columns. Took time as I had to play around a lot to get things into the layout needed. Still, SUCCESS.

See attached for code and result. Note. 3x hyphen is what separates the columns.

Hope this helps anyone :-)