How to change CSS for Cyborg theme to remove backgrounds and borders of embedded tables?



Using cyborg theme and the problem I've just come across is that when I use the SPLIT plugin to introduce columns / rows to a page it returns a table that has it's own background and borders and also changes the fonts and how links are displayed inside - basically alters all editing style.

I guess best if you see for yourself in the attached.

On the left you have a table created using the SPLIT plugin (two columns and 2 rows).
On the right you have how the same text how it would normally look like on a page.
Also you can see the difference in backgrounds and you can see a border around the table.

I'm thinking that there should be some way of getting rid of this "table specific" formatting so I can keep the table (or the split) and yet it would not be visible as such on a page and all text formats would remain as normal.

I did try inspecting the element in a browser but can't figure out what's what - pin point particular section to be altered. I also downloaded the CSS file from Cyborg theme folder but again, I can open it and browse through but can't figure out which parts would need to be overwritten and what with?

I understand, I'm not using correct language to describe the problem but I hope you can tell what I mean from perhaps previous experiences and by looking the the screenshot.

Please help if you can.

Thank you!


Ah... the SPLIT plugin, long time I didn't use it...

I didn’t dive into your problem, but I think that you should consider using the DIV plugin and bootstrap V3 grid system for Tiki 18 or bootstrap V4 grid system for Tiki 19.

I prefer using this to have better control and more options for mobile.


{DIV(class="row")} {DIV(class="col-md-6")}Col1{DIV} {DIV(class="col-md-6")}Col2{DIV} {DIV}

And if your Tiki has user that should edit the page but you don’t want them to break or touch the code you have plenty of options (plugin include, wiki template, etc).