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Unable to insert images directly from file gallery

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I've recently started using tikiwiki and I'm rather satisfied with it so far. I do have one issue I haven't managed to fix as of yet though.

I'm running version 19.1

I don't seem to be able to insert images from the file gallery.

For example - Let's say I'm editing a wiki page, if I click on the toolbar icon to insert an image or file from the file gallery, and then click on an image or where it says "Click here to use the file" - the file gallery pop-up window jumps to the top of the page without having actually done anything. No image code has been inserted into the wiki article.

Note that I do have the following PHP error coming up whenever simply opening the file gallery - "NOTICE (E_NOTICE): Undefined index: insertion_syntax - At line 1241 in tiki-list_file_gallery.php"

If instead of choosing an existing image in the file gallery I upload a new one - this does insert the image code into the wiki article, it just doesn't do it when I'm choosing an existing image.

So far I've just been manually entering in the code I need + the image ID, but naturally it'd be my preference to get the "click image in file gallery > it adds the code to wiki article" working.

Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas as to what the cause could be?

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Hi James, you're right, there seems to be a bug (regression) in version 19. Can you please report it on https://dev.tiki.org/file-a-bug? Thanks for reporting!


PS: the PHP NOTICE Undefined index is unrelated imho

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I've now logged a bug report for this as per your suggestion :-)

Thanks for clearing up re: the Undefined index PHP Notice - I was operating under the same assumption that it wasn't necessarily related.

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