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Can Tiki do HR?

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I have previously used Bamboo for HR and it seems pretty good;


Can tiki do most of the functions of a good HR package? If so, how?


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Hi James,

Seems like it would be possible. It would entail creating trackers to input, store, and display the data. At least one company in the Tiki realm - Avan.tech - has done quite a bit with trackers for management of contractors and so on, but has the advantage of experienced Tiki coders available to create the trackers and improve/extend the tracker code itself (which gets committed into the code base for everyone's benefit).

If you are up to the task, quite a bit could be done with Tiki trackers to set up HR data flows, etc., I would think. I didn't check Bamboo closely enough to spot things that couldn't be done with Tiki. It would be a great profile if it were done in a way that could be generalized. Maybe other people would chip in to the development.

-- Gary

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Awesome, thanks Gary!

How would I propose it as a community project?

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Thanks Marc! I didn't know that was already a thing! Great minds! Looks like it would do all the things we need. How do we implement it?

On a related note, did you see my post about membership management? At Geek.Zone, we need to charge people to join, but have not found a robust way to do this yet. We are currently using membermojo to manage the process, but would prefer to do it within tiki. Is this something that could be done with trackers too?

Thanks, Marc!

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