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Re: Subforum?

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This post is 10 years old but the request is still valid.

Tiki appears to be a great CMS - it has lots of features and I am sure I have just scratched the surface of what it can do.

The forum features are slightly underdeveloped however. Any robust forum software must have the flexibility to be able to create sub-forums (i.e. a forum within a forum) if needed.

For example, if I wanted to have a general Wiki forum that lists all the PHP-based Wiki software, that would look like so (example screenshot created in phpBB to illustrate):
Phpbb Subforum Example 01

Under Wiki software (which is a forum in its own right), you can see that there are other sub-forums. The sub-forums are for specific discussions about those technologies, but the more general Wiki software is to discuss

  • Wiki software in general
  • anything not to do with the specific Wiki technologies listed, or
  • a Wiki technology that has not been listed (such as, for example, an emerging one)

So that, by clicking on the Wiki software forum, I would be presented with the underlying Wiki forums, but I would also see a list of topics associated with the general Wiki software forum as described above.

Why is it needed?
Without this functionality forum administrators using Tiki for their forum are forced to use workarounds such as having to add another forum called "Other" that is meant to be a catch-all for anything that is not defined by the existing forums, such as this
Tiki Forum Example 01

Not pretty, especially if you have multiple sections and this concept extends to other sections.