Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Tiki Version 22.0vcs instead of 21.0lts?

posts: 1 Germany

I tried to upgrade to tiki 21.0lts as described on
https://doc.tiki.org/Upgrade#Update_your_files and

But with
$ git clone https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki.git .
I got 22.0vcs instead of 21.0lts.
Does that make any difference?
Is 22.0 vcs stable?
Shall I better download 21.0lts as zip via svn and install this version for a stable service?

The tiki will be used by an citizens' action group:

Thanks for your reply and info!


posts: 2383 Czech Republic

Hi Andreas,
if you want to get 21.x LTS via Git, you need to checkout branch 21.x.
Try git checkout 21.x now when you got the full clone of master (future 22.x) via Git.
VCS just means "version control system" (can be Git or SVN repository)


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