Features / Usability

Features / Usability

Make a page visible together with its included image

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What about having a dynamic block included in the page using a plugin-list ? (include plugin)
You have your wiki page with the father permission (from category "visible to anonymous) and the image in a bloc with a filter to match the same category.

Depending of the use case, I was also thinking of the group plugin. You can create a "special" group that act like an on and off (but it will be more global).

... May be you can have it the other way around.
Have a single category per page + content together, IE: mypage(wiki page), mypageimage(file) with the categorised under "mypage" category and then you set THIS category permission on/off and it will be applied on all elements (wiki page and file)

Again it depends of your use case... and number of pages. 😉