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Architecture / Installation

Size difference between Tiki 21.4 from Gitlab and from Sourceforge + other problems

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I am trying to install Tiki 21.4 using less space possible.
I did not know what was about to find.

Problem 1:
Zip from Sourceforge the folder "vendor_bundle/vendor" is already full of files.
I don't understand really why, since there is a very useful Composer running in the setup.sh .
The best practice is to leave out from a repository the "vendor" folder, because it contains just external libraries.
It is a bad practice to include in a Git project the Composer files, indeed you haven't gitted them, but are still included in the main release zip, which is still wrong to me and confusing.
If there is a "setup.sh" to execute, that actually use Composer to update the external libraries, just remove the "vendor" folder from the zip.

Problem 2:
Git From Gitlab, checkout to tag 21.4, everything is similar to the Sourceforge download (I mean, of course), but the "language" folder is a lot bigger (approx 100MB bigger).
It appears that many "language.php" files are of about 1.9MB instead of approx 100KB of the files from Sourceforge.
The difference? There are thousands of commented rows.
For some reasons, the Sourceforge zip contains cleaned language files.
This is wrong to me, but maybe are there some valid explanations?

Some other problems:
The files ".editorconfig", ".gitattributes" and ".gitlab-ci.yml" are present in both Sourceforge and Gitlab download. Those files are used by the Tiki devs, but they should not be included in the release zips.
".editorconfig" and ".gitattributes" are harmless but still useless.
".gitlab-ci.yml" is instead dangerous and his presence to be considered a bug. I gitted my just donwloaded Tiki installation to our Gitlab community platform, and I broke the repository. A "pipeline error" popped up in Gitlab, I didn't know what to do until someone noticed that file. I could luckily get rid of the new repo, but in other circumstances I would be in trouble.
Please, delete it asap, maybe using the "setup.sh" script?

In conclusion, to start a project using Tiki 21, using Git and Gitlab, I have to:
- Download the zip from Sourceforge;
- Delete the "vendor_bundle/vendor" folder;
- Run "sh setup.sh";
- In my .gitignore file, include: ".editorconfig, .gitattributes, gitlab-ci.yml, /vendor_bundle/vendor".
- Then I can commit and push and start to develop my project.

Few things actually to do, hope to be useful to others.

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Hello Enorazza,

Creating one topic for multiple issues is not the best practice and it will end in general answers. 😉

  1. I think you’ve seen already those 2 are different. The Tiki official package release (with vendor files) that should be used for production sites and the Tiki development files (requires more operations to install) that should be used if you want to contribute, modify or test. While you can use the version distributed on Gitlab for production you have to be aware that it is different and requirements are not the same.
  2. If you find some files that shouldn’t be included it is good to tell it here, but better to create a bug report. If security is involved reports to security at tiki.org.
  3. If you want to start a Tiki project from official release use : https://tiki.org/Download
  4. If you want to start a Tiki from Git (we use Gitlab) you can use:
Tiki 21 no history in a folder named Tiki21
git clone --branch=21.x --depth=1 https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki.git Tiki21

Every tiki version all history in the current directory... the big one !
git clone https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki.git .

Then follow the instructions. 😉

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Hope this helps