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Architecture / Installation

Page loses images if default language is French

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Tikiwiki 21.4
My problem is
I have a wiki page where there are images from the gallery included.
If the language of Tikiwiki is English, everything is fine when I edit the page, images are displayed in the page.
If the language is French, when I save all images are lost in the page. (see attached image)
Do you have an idea why? Or is this a bug?
Thank you

In english
Edit English
In French
Edit French

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I have tried In Spanish and Portuguese and it works fine.biggrin

I have notice in the editor that in French the background of the page is white, while in other language it is black (like the them)

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I have noticed that it is not the same editor !


How is this possible ?

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It is files in lang/fr that are bugged.
I did rename the lang/es in lang/fr and it worked (in spanish of course)
I copied the original lang/fr from the zip file and still have the problem.

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Then I found the bug
It is in file lang/fr/language.php
line 3816
"Anchor Name" => "Nom de l'Ancre",
should be
"Anchor Name" => "Nom de l Ancre",
it is the apostrophe ' that cause the problem

It is correctly translated and this apostrophe used many time, but here it is creating a bug in the WYSIWYG editor

This is the image of the icon that uses this translation

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Maybe one of the thing to do is to remove the button Anchor Name from the WYSIWYG tool bar.