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Features / Usability

Is there a skeleton or a profile for using Tiki the way dev.tiki.org does?

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hman wrote:


Today my users asked me to set up a collaborative feature, something like a CMS inside the CMS, for use in the group for the magazine. Actually, what dev.tiki.org does is roughly what they are seeking, trackers could do the magic:

A Wishlist (although it shall not be visible to regular internet visitors, only to registered users that are logged in) where users can propose the production of text by stating the intent of the text to be created, the target edition of the (printed) magazine, an estimate of the desirable length, an estimate of the amount of research and writing work, some kind of topic classification.

The text itself could also be part of the tracker.

Research material (Images, e-mails, hyperlinks etc.) could be freely attached to that tracker record. Every user could assign the tracker to himself/herself or to others. Every logged-in user could monitor the progress.

Statuses could be idea/proposal/discussion/research/production/draft/finish/publication and of course something like "turned down" or "cannot finish in time", something like that.

Actually dev.tiki.org has almost anything needed already at work, just that things have different names.

Is there a skeleton or a profile how this could be jumpstarted? I know it can all be pieced together, but I thought it could be less work to adapt something that is "almost right" than to start from scratch...


Hello ,

I don't think there is one.
I can help you with private visit of the "coulisse" of dev.
Contact me by email.