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Image Gallery Upload/View Problem

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I am able to upload images in image galleries but neither the images, nor the thumbnails, are displayed.

The upload process seems to work — I can see the new files in the directory where they're stored (/tmp/ for now), and the image galleries list the uploaded files. (I have the same problem when images are stored in DB.)

I am running Apache2 2.0.49, PHP 4.3.6 with GD 2.0.22. The phpinfo() seems to show that GD is included OK.

Oddly, images uploaded to Wiki pages display just fine.

Has anyone seen this problem?



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I edited show_image.php and commented out the following lines:

// if($feature_galleries != 'y') {
// die;
// }

Then I deleted the existing image galleries and emptied the templates_c. After recreating a new image gallery it now seems to work. biggrin

Weird, but it works.

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Hi, strange cases of image galleries not working have been reported and I'd like to be sure about what you're reporting. What Tiki version are you using?
What do you obtain echoing $feature_galleries ? Normally its value is set in tiki-setup.php only, at "y" by default.

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