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Features / Usability

Wiki staging feature, automatically approve or bypass staging for admin or specific group editing

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On Tiki23 when using Revision approval (staging) for Wiki pages, it is turned on for all.
Meaning admins or any management groups has to use it and have this double-stage saving clicks (they save the content and then they approve their version of the editing)... It is a bit a pain.

Is there a way to set in Tiki that specific groups don't need approval and their editing should be saved and display right away ?

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According to the documentation, this is by design...

"1.6. FAQ


Q: Can certain users be permitted to just make approved edits directly? That is, an admin editing a page still needs to click Approve Edits; seems redundant.
A: No. In fact, the purpose of revision approval is to review the content before making it public. Just because an administrator does it does not mean it should go live right away."