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Features / Usability

How to display the text "{{bbox}}" in a tiki-wiki 21LTS?

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You can also disable the preference "Wiki argument variables" if you do not need it for anything else (Preference name: feature_wiki_argvariable) to avoid parsing the double curly brackets.

FootlooseTraveller wrote:

Wow, Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist, that actually works!

Next problem: I want to use it inside {CODE(mediawiki="0")}{CODE}. Unfortunately, if I use ~ np ~ inside it, everything inside ~ np ~ is transormed into a hash or something... so the first bracket { is displayed as a hash. If I use {CODE(mediawiki="1")}{CODE}, the ~ np ~ works as expected, but all my line breaks get messed up... :-(

I just want to put some code, preferredly without ANY changes to show up exactly as is in the source. I also want it to stand out a bit compared to normal text. Maybe there is a different/better tag to put my code into?