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Features / Usability

Using and handling images and their metadata

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Thanks Jonny Bradley and Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist for your quick answers! I installed the Daily-Build no problem using my "old" database. Thanks for pointing out the difference between the daily and the direct download from git. At first glance the daily works like a charm - even my custom contact form using Trackers just works!

Now I was looking into the custom toolbar button again. I cannot see any changes - they all must be "under the hood" as your comments on your changes suggest. At least now I know how to get the latest snapshot tiki. So, I'll summarize what I know and what I don't know yet (all english labels are guesses as I use german language):

  1. Meanings of Name and Label are clear
  2. Icon needs 2 letters and then it shows a list of available icons - still needs a guess what's available, I'd prefer a possibility of some sort of accessing a complete list or even upload my custom icon.
  3. Wysiwyg Token will be ignored by me as it is not relevant to me - kind of the name of a function to call
  4. Syntax takes what is to be inserted in the text at cursor position with "text" being exchanged by what is currently highlighted
  5. Type - some elements are clear, others arent - see below
  6. Plugin Name is only active now, when Type is wikiplugin - clear


  1. Inline inserts the text in Syntax at cursor position exchanging "text" with the currently highlighted text - example: "__text__" for bold
  2. Block ?
  3. LineBased ?
  4. Picker ?
  5. Separator ?
  6. FckOnly ?
  7. Fullscreen ?
  8. TextareaResize ?
  9. Helptool ?
  10. FileGallery ?
  11. Wikiplugin inserts the plugin from the list below using the plugins form for getting its parameters

I refrained from taking guesses about the types - please complete the meanings. Also there is one question remaining:

How can I add custom code to display my Tracker form (for uploading an image including some further information) when the button is clicked (similar to the plugin form showing) and then show the image-plugin-form afterwards with some fields prefilled and inactive (i.e. the source linking the just uploaded - through the tracker - image file)?

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