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Pagination issues with LIST with TABLESORTER?

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Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist wrote:

Mmm... I'm not strong with tablesorter and Tiki but I think it has it's own pagination parameters and tools.

Yes, see :

Thanks Bernard,

I have a sort-of solution that works (in a hacky way) based on what you shared above:

{LIST()} {filter field="tracker_id" content="6"} {filter type="trackeritem"} {pagination max="1000"} {sort mode="modification_date_ndesc"} {OUTPUT(template="table")} {column label="Name" field="name" mode="raw"} {column label="Status" field="status" mode="raw"} {column label="Department(s)" field="depts" mode="raw"} {column label="Description" field="desc" mode="raw"} {tablesorter server="n" sortable="type:reset" tsortcolumns="type:text|type:none|type:none|type:none" tsfilters="type:text|type:dropdown|type:dropdown|type:text" tspaginate="max:25"} {OUTPUT} {FORMAT(name="name")}{display name="tracker_field_POW_Name" format="trackerrender"}{FORMAT} {FORMAT(name="status")}{display name="tracker_field_POW_Status" default=""}{FORMAT} {FORMAT(name="depts")}{display name="tracker_field_POW_Depts" default=""}{FORMAT} {FORMAT(name="desc")}{display name="tracker_field_POW_Desc" default=""}{FORMAT} {ALTERNATE()}{REMARKSBOX(type="warning" title="There are no line items that can be displayed." close="n")}{REMARKSBOX}{ALTERNATE} {LIST}



works on the table to paginated, but the number of results returned Overall depends on

{pagination max="1000"}

I looked up whether I can make pagination max a dynamic number based on the number of of results returned. I read somewhere that you can use something like $count. So I tried this but it failed. Any idea how I can get this right?

{pagination max="$count"}