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Features / Usability

[SOLVED] Form with digital signature using Tiki26 and tracker feature

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I would like to allow users to fill a form and, kind of declaration, be able to sign it on a Tiki26.
On save the item should be saved with the values for the fields and the signature.

I know we have all the necessary parts in Tiki already;

  • Trackers (to store the fields of the form)
  • Wiki page (to display the page form)
  • Tracker wikiplugin (to display the fields of the form and save an item)
  • Field file (image) (to store an image with the form item)
  • A plugin signature (https://doc.tiki.org/PluginSignature)

So we have the ingredients but do we have a recipes somewhere or did someone tried to play with this and can share ideas before I start from the start ?

PS: almost from the start, http://bsfez-11581-7875.show2.tikiwiki.org/ and https://dev.tiki.org/Signature

posts: 8618 Israel

Thank you Marc, I remembered the page but I was wondering if someone tried anything with this.

For the record, I find and setup an alternative for my use-case (health declaration)
In the end the user see a wiki page with a tracker wikiplugin with a smarty template (I had to use $f_nnn 🥴)
On save he is redirected to a another page that display the same item using a plugin List.
On this page I placed at the bottom Signature wikiplugin.

(I need to test the following from user use mobile point of view)
Once the signature saved the user as for instruction to save as PDF or print and give me the document. (in hand or send)

Extra step... but it should work.