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top_bar question

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is there any way to make the top_bar (with banners in it) stick to the top of the page (not scroll with the main section). I want it to act like a horizontal html frame would (ie not scroll).

Any ideas?smile


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Yeah, it is possible to do that with CSS. However, you may need to play around with the .tpl files, as I think that the top bar is nested in a table cell.

The particular piece of CSS that you need to fix the location of the top bar would be:

position: fixed;

An example of this can be found on the W3C's website.

You will need to play about with the style sheet that you use and the html markup in .tpl files, but I can't see why it shouldn't be possible to get it to work.

Please note that this doesn't actually work in IE - IE doesn't support the CSS markup position: fixed.


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If it help top template are editable

admin -> Edit templates



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top, bottom etc. are defined in templates/tiki.tpl. If you want to have a try, check that file.

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Thanks Ewan. That's good to know. Most of my users have IE so I will just have to live with the scrolling for now. rolleyes

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