2 suggestions for image galleries

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I have 2 suggestions for the image galleries. They could perhaps also be used for the file galleries, because it looks like both function in a similar way.

1. Possibility to choose for each gallery if it's going to be stored in the database or on the filesystem. Now it's a global setting.

2. Now you have 2 possible places to store files:
-> in the database
-> on the local filesystem
I could use a third option:
-> remote storage like ISP web or ftp server

Let me explain. I have 2 image galleries: Screenshots and Panoramas. Screenshots are 256 color images, which are very well compressed into GIF or PNG. These are stored local, in the database or the filesystem.
Then I have Panoramas. These are full-color JPEG photos stiched together, filesizes between 200 and 500 kibibytes. I want to store them on the much faster servers of my isp, not on my local webserver.

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