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The Tiki application menu is automatically populated with the features that you have enabled and where the use has the right permission to access. But in some cases you don t want to use this menu because you don t like it or you want options in a different order, or something. Tiki incorporates a menu-builder tool where admins can create menus that can be used in Tiki for whatever you want, links to special sections of the site, links to external sites, any link can be used and there re three different menu-types that can be used. Read about this tool in the admin section of this manual: Menu builder.

Menus and some Opera versions:

It's been reported that menus don't work with some Opera versions, this is 100% an Opera bug and you should report it to the Opera team. If you do want to use that browser version to access tiki you will need to build a menu for your site using the menu-builder. Use a static menu type and it will work with Opera.

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