Controlling the display of comments

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You can see here the comments panel, you can enter a new comment, set which comments you want displayed and see the comments. To get started enter some comment.

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The toolbar at the top can be used to configure how many comments to display per page, how comments will be sorted (Score/Date), the minimum number of points for a comment to be displayed, the minimum score for a comment to be displayed (threshold) and a find box to filter comments containing some word. The Top link can be used to get back to first page of comments from any page of comments. The Hide all link can be used to quickly hide all the comments (it restores the default hidden state of comzone when comzone=show was previously requested from post/get, url or cookie to keep comments displayed). If you reply to a comment, replies will be displayed nested to the comment as in the following screen:

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Clicking any of the replies will take you to a page where replies for the comment are displayed and you can enter a new reply or reply an existing reply.

If you are admin or the comment was entered by you as a registered user (not anonymous) you will be able to remove a comment after posting it if you didn't meant to post that comment or if you made some mistake.


The following permissions control the comment system:

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