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About ))KeyContent.org((

))KeyContent.orghttp://www.keycontent.org - is free, open-content, collaborative effort and describe what it means to be a content developer. The site is a wh" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips"> (KC.o) - http://www.keycontent.org - is free, open-content, collaborative effort and describe what it means to be a content developer. The site is a whiteboard to express your ideas, share your experiences, and ask your questions. TheKeyContent.org(( site was launched in February 2005 and has undergone 2 major UI revisions.

You can read more about Tiki's role in creating a wiki-based portal for ))KeyContent.org(( here. This is part of a presentation made at the 2006 TriXML conference in Raleigh, NC, USA.

As of July 2006, KC.o is currently running:

Template Changes

The current KC.o template reflects a vastly customized set of template files and stylesheets. Our theme has undergone three major revisions:

  1. Initially, we started with the geo-light theme. This theme was used for testing and the pre-launch version of the site. I used this theme to "get my feet wet" in Tiki customization.
  2. The KC.o version 1 template was based on the geo-light template, but included several major changes.
  3. In early 2006 we created an entirely new template and color scheme.

||Initial|Version 1.0|Version 2

Click for full-size image.
Click for full-size image.
" method="post">

value="{tr}Change user{/tr}" alt="{tr}Change to a different user{/tr}." >

{menu id=50}

{literal}<{/literal}script language='Javascript' type='text/javascript'>
setfolderstate('whatsnew', 'd');


{if $feature_challenge eq 'y'} >
size="15" value="Username" alt="{tr}Enter your KeyContent.org username{/tr}." >
value="Password" alt="Enter your password." >

{if $rememberme ne 'disabled'}name="rme" id="login-remember" value="on"/>

{if $forgotPass eq 'y' and $allowRegister eq 'y' and $change_password eq 'y'}
title="{tr}Click here if you've forgotten your password{/tr}">
{tr}Forget your password?{/tr}

title="{tr}Click here to register{/tr}">{tr}Sign up{/tr} (free) to see more.


Note: Certainly not the prettiest code... I hope to streamline it one day, when I have spare moment. smile

Last Modified Page

After logging in, users can quickly create a new wiki page by using the Quick Edit module. I included this module within the Last Modified Page module:

This was a simple edit to the mod-last_modif_pages.tpl template:

{if !$user} 
 {tr}Start new article{/tr} 
 {tr}Start a new Key Article{/tr}
 {else}{if $tiki_p_edit eq 'y'}
{if $categId}{/if}


UI changes

The overwhelming number of changes to KC.o have been for UI and usability. Most require only tweaks and additions to the template files.

Click to sort

I added a small sort image (Image ) to all of the list tables. This allows users to see how the current view is being sorted. This is a commong UI element on most operating systems and users are accusomed to seeing them in lists.

For example, here is the sort image in the tiki-listpages:

Click for full-size image.
Click for full-size image.

I simply created two small images (sort_asc.gif and sort_des.gif) and modified the template file:

{tr}Click to sort{/tr}

Capthca for anti-spam

All form submissions are protected by Capthca images. We use the web-based http://www.protectwebform.com service. The service is very easy to implement and requires only simple cut-and-paste additions to the TPL template file and its associated PHP file.

An example of our implementation can bee seen here. This is a customization of the tiki-directory_add_site file.

Click for full-size image.
Click for full-size image.

What's next

My future plans for KC.o include:

  • Upgrading to the current Tiki version.
  • Add structured blogging and microcontent

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