Installing a new tiki version from scratch

Once all the files are in-place you should create a database for Tiki tables, we'll use MySQL in this example.

Create a database

  • mysqladmin create tiki

Or use PHPMyadmin or a similar program to create a database.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: From version 1.6 after unpacking the files and creating the database just point your browser to tiki-install.php, the script will install Tiki.

If for some reason you want to perform a manual installation you can keep reading.

And then run the tiki.sql script that creates and initializes the tables.
(you don't have to be root)

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mysql tiki < tiki.sql

You can create a user that will be used by the application to access the database in such a case don t forget to give the database user permission to select, read and write to the tiki database. There are in the MySQL site instructions on how create users, for that case in example could be

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mysql -u root mysql grant SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, INDEX, ALTER on tiki.* to tikiuser@localhost identified by 'tikipassword';

(assuming the user will be tikiuser with tikipassword as password)

NOTE: Tiki tables are named tiki-name and users-* thus you can make tiki share the database with another application without name-collisions between tables, this is particularly useful when installing the application in a hosting.

Now point your browser to http://yoursite.com/something/tiki/tiki-index_raw.php and you should see some page displaying an error message since you won t have permission to access any feature yet. If you see a page generated by Tiki then congratulations, you have successfully installed Tiki.

Upgrading the database

If you have a previous Tiki version and you want to keep the content you have in your database you should use a tiki_vX.XtoX.X.sql style file to upgrade the database. For example tiki_0.95to1.0.sql upgrades the Tiki 0.95 database to version 1.0 adding the tables and changes needed to run the new features in version 1.0

If you want to add 0.9 to 1.0 without losing your data upgrade first 0.9 to 0.95 and then 0.95 to 1.0 using the ad-hoc .sql files. etc.

Final database configuration

Now you can edit the file db/tiki-db.php and setup your databasename, host, user and password for the database. You may need to contact your system administrator or ISP to know what databasename, user and password you can use.

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