Mindmeld Licensing

arrowThere are a few things related to licensing that I probably should have brought up earlier. We'd best get them out of the way now to make sure you guys still want to go ahead with the integration.

(I know this is a delicate topic.) Mindmeld is part of a proprietary offering from our company, ars Cognita. Mindmeld itself is GPL (there are business reasons why we can't use the LGPL); the Company provides extension modules and support in order to finance continued development of this and other tools. One of the proprietary pieces is database translation. We give away Mindmeld/MySQL, but we charge for the Postgres/Oracle/MS SQL Server/DB2/etc. modules.

I think it would be prudent for Tiki to have a more conventional (and less restrictive) search functionality and consider Mindmeld as an optional (and much more sophisticated) search system.


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