Multi-Platform Collaborative Development

all links to the source of this program - docsynch - are dead at the moment. I think the possibility might be there for some nifty solutions nonetheless... check this:

Extract from: http://trieloff.dyndns.org/archive/000427.html

"All communication is done over a dedicated IRC channel and there will be one master use, that will organize the session, adding documents to it and manage the writing permissions. Any user can get the writing permission (as long as no other user is writing), and his changes to the document will be visible to other users (to differentiate between authors, all changes will be highlighted). Just take a look at the screenshots or skim the userguide to get an impression. Alexander has even defined a protocol specification, so it should be possible to implement a compatible plugin for any other editor."

works now with jEdit as a Plugin for IRC for collaborative editing!

like SubEthaEdit fo Mac, but as its available for windows, linux and macs too ;-)

This is a MUST for Tikiwiki, as we already have TikiBot! Lets just simply consider testing a setup like that for some devs!

Synched with CVS or the Wiki, this is a new development platform start for the new Millennium ;-)


PS> An IRC interface using Tikibot alongside email,rss,html in/output for all features would be also cool. Consider also submitting news and wiki content using an external editor via irc... approve?

Or reading the WHOLE Tikiwiki changes (like aggregation of all tikiwiki rss) on an Irc channel...

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