Changes list

  • Fix: PHP errors on edit wiki page if wiki descriptions disabled
  • Fix: duplicated port number in some links if web server configured on non default (80) port
  • Fix: Smarty plugin function.rss - fixed the bug where
      was missing for the list in user's created rss module
    • Fix: templates/tiki-view_forum_thread.tpl - fixed the view forum thread right column wrap bug and some missing for , converted &=>& in links
    • Fix: quick workaround for last submissions module which avoids XHTML code invalidity (empty
      ) when there were no submissions listed
    • fixed {SF(aid=>818044)}{SF}
    • fixed wrong number count of items in the last forum topics module
    • fixed download from file galleries when database is used to store
    • fixed {SF(aid=>790122)}{SF}
    • fixed {SF(aid=>825770)}{SF}
    • fixed {SF(aid=>816556)}{SF}
    • improved 'Notheme' themes with some enhancements
    • increased shoutbox module XHTML validity and in many other places too
    • increased performance with a new cache system for article topics images
    • added missing link to tiki-shoutbox.php
    • added missing comments count for view articles list and corrected layout of "Read more" link (if there are no comments, it doesn't display the comments count)
    • added support for viewing user pages where user 'creator' or 'modificator'
    • fixed {SF(aid=>818875)}{SF} about SSL authentication (mose + sebthom)
    • fixed cookie : multi-tiki on same domain name have now distinct cookies using siteTitle preference in case of remember me actived
    • fixed a problem with httpPrefix function in some redirects
    • fixed cookie name and session name for users so it's localized with siteTitle preference (avoiding sliding auth between tikis hosted under same domain)
    • fixed the bug (newline bug) where wiki plugins (e.g. {BOX}, {SPLIT}) ignored "end of line" character in the content and didn't convert it to "
      " (caused displaying the block of text on one line)
    Created by: Last Modification: Wednesday 22 October 2003 23:27:37 GMT-0000 by Philippe Cloutier
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