Upgrade instructions

  • backup your tiki files
  • backup your tiki database
  • get the tiki archive and extract it
  • copy files over your existing tiki
  • rerun ./setup.sh to make your all file/directory permissions are as needed
  • done :-)

Changes since 1.8.2

Bugs known to have been introduced

  • PluginSQL with MSSQL stopped working, putting lib/tikidblib.php from 20040402 works again (reported here but in spanish). Not sure if that happens with more databases.


  • When an object is deleted, all objects of the same type lose custom permissions. Chealer9
    Revision 1.373.2.43 of tikilib.php fixes that bug with this diff.

Resolved bugs and misbehaviors

  • Articles: Cannot add comment with zero-length body fixed by luci
  • Image Galleries: fixed buggy image navigation (it seems there's still some problem with cacheing on tiki-browse_image.php - after reload the navigation links get correct) luci
  • Mini-calendar Chealer9
  • FAQs : Questions can't be edited (invalid variable value for sort_mode) Damian
  • MSSQL support in tiki-install Damian
  • MSSQL tiki.sql file - Still has problems with INDEXs Damian
  • Made tiki-install IIS friendly Damian
  • faq_questions, change of error message Damian
  • tiki-modules, shouldnt be called directly as it gives path disclosure Damian
  • patched phplayers for directory listing Damian
    • worth noting that people should remove the demo files from here for added security !
  • Added better horizontal menu support for phplayers Damian
    • note: the CSS file needs extra classes which can be found in /lib/phplayers/ sample code files!
  • RSS feeds : Display bullets out of page ohertel
  • HTML enabled wiki pages : Capital causes many linesohertel
  • Search: user input not checked for unwanted chars ohertel
  • RSS feed is not per gallery. swayambhu
  • Live Support, fixed the JS that was causing it to fail damian
  • Articles : page number didn't show Chealer9
  • Metal themes: Removed hard img links to tikiwiki.org reverted to local img folder instead Damian
  • tikibot : fixed translation plugin mose
  • SF BUG #832698: All chart items showing in individual Chart Views patvdv. Also changed the templates/tiki-view_chart.tmpl not to show the tiki_chart_items.URL field when it's empty (and avoiding creating an unnecessary URL link)
  • since_last_visit_new module: show right link of new forum posts to the post thread (UserPagegmuslera|gmuslera))
  • lang NL (Nederlands) now fully up-to-date patvdv
  • when uploading files in the file gallery the return value if is_uploaded_file() is checked as6o
  • in the case of file-system storage for file galleries, the on-disk file is removed if the entry isn't added to the db as6o
  • SF BUG #961082: Wrong navigation/sorting links in Admin Directory > Validate Sites patvdv
  • fixed double gzip compression causing empty pages or error messages ohertel
  • SF BUG #963505: Bug in mod-forums_last_posts ohertel
  • SF BUG #952452: Forums : forums_last_posts replying problem ohertel
  • SF BUG #926614: Forums : Reads and Replies checkboxes inverted Chealer9
  • fixed the highlight plugin behaviour in case of odd chars searched in search engine mose
  • SF BUG #965263: article visible even if publishing date is in future ohertel
  • switch_lang module for anonymous in certain conf sylvie
  • renaming of wiki pages
  • SF BUG #941944: Wiki : Cannot rollback page ohertel
  • Enhancements/changes

    • damian.css - a style which uses a horizontal phplayer menu for the basis of its navigation Damian
    • Individual images in galleries can now be categorised! Damian
    • RSS: New 'refresh' button on admin page for external rss feeds ohertel
    • SF RFE: 887918 - RSS Feed for directories ohertel
    • New module! Top Forum Posters! ModuleTopForumPosters damian
      shows avatar, name and number of posts
    • New Wikiplugin - {FLASH()} for displaying SWF content in a wiki enabled area. PluginFlash - damian
      takes movie, height, width, quality as parameters
    • tikibot : now an add content in wikipages using irc hook mose
    • New Wikiplugin - AGENTINFO --> PluginAgentInfo damian
    • Template modifications patvdv
      • Changed the way individual object/page permisisons are highlighted. Instead of using round brackets '()' now using a separate icon (green coloured key: Image )
    • Added a variable in general admin panel to setup the url of the help website linked to that ? question mark in admin pages mose
    • template modifications patvdv
      • changed class 'link' to 'linkbut' where appropriate (tiki-pagepermissions, tiki-objectpermissions, tiki-adminusers, tiki-admingroups, tiki-assignuser, tiki-assignpermission)
      • added 'return to gallery' button when editing an image (tiki-edit_image)
      • Added some 'nowraps' in action icon columns and changed the order of some the action icons to standardize (config, edit/delete, perms)
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