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1.7.3 "Valid Release" bugfix release process

The branch release_eta_carinea_rc1 (so badly named redface) is still the CVS branch for 1.7.x. Note that the 1.7.x branch is strictly for bugfixes. All new features and changes must be committed to CVS HEAD and not the release_eta_carinea_rc1 branch. Fixes committed to the 1.7.x branch will be merged into HEAD if not there yet.

When fixing bugs, fix the bug on release_eta_carinea_rc1 then, if you run a local copy of CVS HEAD too, it's prefered when you make the related code change (bugfix) for HEAD as well and you can add "NO MERGE NEEDED" note to your log. Otherwise just merge with HEAD. Follow the instructions at the bottom of TikiCVSTags to merge.

Developers, please update this page whenever you resolve a bug in this branch. If you need help with CVS, read Cvs17.

If you are not a developer but would like to help test the latest 1.7.x code, download the following archive, updated every hour from CVS:
http://tikiwiki.org/lastiki17.tar.bz2 (extracted root dir will be release_eta_carinea_rc1/ )

The person in charge of this release is Chealer9.

Scheduled release date
Tiki 1.7.3 "Valid Release" was supposed to be available Sunday 2003-10-19 but this release opportunity has been cancelled due to some problems.

Unresolved bugs or misbehavior

(italicized items probably will not be addressed in 1.7.3; that doesn't mean you cannot tackle them though)

  • one sometimes (rarely) sees modules and module links that belong to another user viewing the site at the same moment
  • changes to modules and admin settings sometimes require a page reload to appear
  • left/center column sometimes takes up width of the screen: it occurs randomly
  • the quiz feature may exhibit strange behaviour
  • the chatroom sometimes causes browser to continue to refresh even after leaving
  • the site search function may give errors with Chinese or other Asian characters - fixed? (unconfirmed, who fixed this?)
  • the "Go Back" link on error pages sometimes fails in IE (after a POST or GET to same file)
  • various theme problems with different browsers
  • tiki-user cookie logs user into all Tiki sites running under the same domain if user has same username/password (fixed - mose ? please confirm)
  • installer does not take into account PHP safe_mode <-- can this be done? ini_get() doesn't seem to get the safe_mode value
  • Tiki running in Windows (and specifically IIS?) generate links that have an erroneous "/" before the URL parameter: ex. tiki-browse_image.php/?imageId=2
  • comment hash is title+content, making it impossible to post 2 comments with the same title and content, an uncommon but certainly possible and legitimate situation (which happened to me, luci ;))
  • numerous IIS problems; should make use of these workarounds: IisWorkarounds
  • various occurrences of "page 1/0" (harmless)
  • {SF(aid=>812792)}{SF}
  • Please see Source Forge for more possible bugs

Resolved bugs and misbehavior since 1.7.2

  • Fix: PHP errors on edit wiki page if wiki descriptions disabled (zaufi)
  • Fix: duplicated port number in some links if web server configured on non default (80) port (zaufi)
  • Fix: Smarty plugin function.rss - fixed the bug where
      was missing for the list in user's created rss module (luci)
    • Fix: templates/tiki-view_forum_thread.tpl - fixed the view forum thread right column wrap bug and some missing for , converted &=>& in links (luci)
    • Fix: quick workaround for last submissions module which avoids xhtml code invalidity (empty
      ) when there were no submissions listed (luci)
    • fixed JGraphPad Broken under 1.7.2 (reverted back to jgraphpad.jar 2.2.1 (build 2) and tiki-editdrawing.php from (luci)
    • fixed wrong number count of items in the last forum topics module (luci)
    • fixed download from file galleries when database is used to store
    • fixed {SF(aid=>790122)}{SF} (redflo)
    • fixed {SF(aid=>825770)}{SF} (redflo)
    • fixed {SF(aid=>816556)}{SF} (redflo)
    • improved 'Notheme' themes with some enhancements
    • increased shoutbox module XHTML validity and in many other places too (luci)
    • increased performance with a new cache system for article topics images (mose)
    • added missing link to tiki-shoutbox.php (luci)
    • added missing comments count for view articles list and corrected layout of "Read more" link (if there are no comments, it doesn't display the comments count) (luci)
    • added support for viewing user pages where user 'creator' or 'modificator'
    • fixed {SF(aid=>818875)}{SF} about SSL authentication (mose + sebthom)
    • fixed cookie : multi-tiki on same domain name have now distinct cookies using siteTitle preference in case of remember me actived (mose)
    • fixed a problem with httpPrefix function in some redirects (mose)
    • fixed cookie name and session name for users so it's localized with siteTitle preference (avoiding sliding auth beetween tikis hosted under same domain) (mose)
      Please test it extensively, it required modifs in login and logout files, as well as password change, account validation and messu-messages internal system
    • fixed the bug (newline bug) where wiki plugins (e.g. {BOX}, {SPLIT}) ignored "end of line" character in the content and didn't convert it to "
      " (caused displaying the block of text on one line) (redflo)

    please add your changes and your name to this list

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