Release Process 1.9.3

Release manager: ohertel, support: Marc Laporte

download 1.9.x was released on 05/31/2006 was released on 04/30/2006

Bugs fixed

  • PHP Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference in /lib/adodb/adodb.inc.php on line 2797 - ohertel
  • basic profile: Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 23 of 27 bytes in /tikiwiki-1.9.3/tiki-modules.php on line 67 - ohertel
  • MD5 values for tiki secdb - ohertel
  • What-you-see-is-what-you-can-access fix: a not accessable feature is hidden - marclaporte
  • trackers: get the right number of items - sylvie


  • update fr translation - sylvie
  • trackers: give the possibility to move the fields more than 1 step - sylvie
  • another crosslink feature -> documentation - marclaporte
  • default_wiki_diff_style: minsidediff - marclaporte
  • some features disabled by default: feature_wiki_export, feature_galleries, feature_help, feature_multilingual, feature_user_watches_translations, feature_dump, feature_view_tpl - marclaporte

1.9.3 was released on 04/29/2006

Note: this list is incomplete yet. We're still digging the cvs history.

Bugs fixed

  • fix of multiple layout and translation issues - various authors
  • '... but need admin validation:' must work even if 'Validate users by email:' is not checked - sylvie
  • admin user: multiple actions on a page other than the first one - sylvie
  • article: category kept at approval - sylvie
  • blog: blog pagination - sylvie
  • blog: find now finds also in post title - sylvie
  • blog: reset blog activity if activity too old at each blog post - sylvie
  • bookmark: replace split space in link with
    - sylvie
  • category: anon can edit categorized pages - redflo
  • category: browse category on image show up images - sylvie
  • category: display category name for a deep category browse - sylvie
  • cleanups for php 5 compatibility - various authors
  • comment: all comments shown after a post - sylvie
  • forum: new post subject set after a post - sylvie
  • gallery: check object perm - sylvie
  • group: a non admin user can also assign a user to one of his groups if he has tiki_p_admin_users - sylvie
  • group: can use username or groupname with the character & in assign group - sylvie
  • group: respect perm in tiki_p_admin_user and not tiki_p_admin on multiple actions in admin user - sylvie
  • image: current gallery selected in the gallery choice - sylvie
  • image: system gallery images are not shown in last_images modules if no gallery is selected - sylvie
  • jscalendar: spanish utf8 calendar - sylvie
  • login: user home page considered at login - sylvie
  • module since_last_visit_new: faqs are displayed - sylvie
  • module since_last_visit_new: fix list index unknown for a comment in image gallery - sylvie
  • multilingual: switch lang on default homepage (+bl param with value) - sylvie
  • neat.css: upload image in a page - sylvie
  • newsletter: cleanup outgoing newsletter templates - marclaporte
  • newsletter: more perm checking on archived newsletters - sylvie
  • parsing: to be able to have plugin param with a & - sylvie
  • plugin article: respect perms - sylvie
  • plugin wantedpages: accept site settings for dashes in WikiWords. Possible filtering of output to get rid of "rubbish page names" - markusvk
  • prefer get_user_default_homepage to get_user_preference homePage - ang23
  • quiz: avoid some notices if store quiz results on + error if attachment empty - (sylvie)
  • search: do no search if no search words are given - sylvie
  • securing adodb for postgres - mose
  • setup.sh: Use filesystem acls instead of sgid or 777 mode is much more safe - redflo
  • template: anon can view/edit templates - ohertel
  • template: can edit in some case + can save only for the style - sylvie
  • tiki search: include wiki page name like in fulltext search and the file data extracted by the command associated to the type - sylvie
  • tiki search: when refreshing fix an undefined dcslib + attach warning - sylvie
  • tracker plugin: category - sylvie
  • tracker plugin: highlight name of fields with error - sylvie
  • tracker: better support for special character or string (ex: xml) in textarea field - sylvie
  • tracker: mandatory category - sylvie
  • tracker: fix notification message header for gmail server for long update notif and comment notificaton - sylvie
  • tracker: fixed bugged for () loop that prevented non-admin users from updating certain fields values - lorfds
  • tracker: image in tracker plugin - sylvie
  • tracker: main item value displayed in the window title - sylvie
  • tracker: mandatory fields in trackers - rv540
  • tracker: sort the country names in a country field - sylvie
  • tracker: to be able to have 2 category fields in a tracker - sylvie
  • user: admin can change prefs of the third tab - sylvie
  • user: batch load can not add a user to a group the current user has if only tiki_p_admin_user and not tiki_p_admin perm is set - sylvie
  • wiki: backlink: respect perms - sylvie
  • wiki: don't show edit buttom if looking at a user page of another user - sylvie
  • wiki: don't show the edit buttom when looking at another user's userpage - sylvie
  • wiki: download wiki file respects individual perms on a page - sylvie
  • wiki: force server readable perm for img upload - sylvie
  • wiki: highlight name of fields with error - sylvie
  • wiki: if 'display the title' is on and breadcrumb feature off, the title must be displayed - sylvie
  • wiki: if ask for a userpage is not yet created go to tiki-editpage instead of displaying an invalid page - sylvie
  • wiki: likepage: respect perms - sylvie
  • wiki: page creators are admin of their pages + tiki_p_admin_wiki back for editpage - sylvie
  • wiki: watch on 'page change' works again - ohertel
  • wiki: the page named UserPage redirects to the user's UserPage if possible - sylvie
  • wiki: wiki discussion now redirects to the same thread for 2 users with different languages - sylvie
  • xhtml:
    transformed into
    - damian

Enhancements / Modifications

  • added ® to special character table - sylvie
  • added link to evaluation of each feature to inform about maturity of features - ohertel
  • CAS: note about a required lib installtion on admin/login - ohertel
  • cleanup and improvement of robots.txt - various authors
  • groups/permissions: 'levels' hidden by default - ohertel
  • groups/permissions: show all permissions by default - marclaporte
  • install: added some notes to the installation page tiki-install about memory reqirements and more ohertel
  • lang: nearly complete finnish translation - hartsa1
  • lang: several updates to de/ca/fr - ohertel / xavidp / sylvie / jmaspons
  • many new 'tip' boxed on several pages - marclaporte / ohertel
  • mods: hacked to allow chmodding files to 644 on servers with suphp security installed (for instance: ourproject.org, where edu.tw.o is installed) - xavidp
  • most admin pages are accessable from tiki-admin.php now - marclaporte / ohertel
  • note in tiki-backup section that it's better to use mysqldump or phpmyadmin - ohertel
  • param my to last_image_galleries module to limit the user's gallery - sylvie
  • removing users from groups -> directly from user listing. dev.two #503 - marclaporte
  • tracker: a button to increment the field position from a field to the end - sylvie
  • tracker: added tracker filter for category plugin - mose
  • wiki: page renames are monitored with watch on page change - ohertel

New features


adminstration / release management stuff:


This rollback concerns:

  • article: html article not shown in preview / bug with np - DONE! - SQL error
  • html in blog not interpreted

Nice to have

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