Release Process TikiĀ 1.9.7



Release Manager: mose
Release Date: 2006-11-25


  • better protection against XSS

Most relevantĀ changes

See changelog.txt file bundled in release for detail

  • ldap fixes sylvie
  • added a way to agglomerate rss feeds in rss wikiplugin
  • new language file : galician (gl)
  • jscalendar fix in trackers
  • improved display for trackers attachments
  • new events wikiplugin (linked to calendar)
  • fix in intertiki admin panel
  • rememeber selected categories while editing a tracker item sylvie
  • plugin group with option notgroupssylvie
  • plugin perm with option notperms sylvie
  • new param email in plugin tracker to send from->to when item added sylvie
  • multilingual tracker field sylvie
  • in phpmenulayers, highlight current option sylvie
  • split plugin works on % and pixels sylvie
  • select all ability in a category tracker field sylvie
  • plugin trackerfielditem sylvie
  • to be able to select the default value in a drop down field tracker sylvie
  • to be able to select the edit tab in tiki-view_tracker sylvie
  • do not show not selected categories in tracker item view sylvie

DB upgrade

None to do, db didn't change since 1.9.6

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