Release 1.10.x

Since September 2007, 1.9 branch is reputed stable and frozen, only bugfixes are permitted there. The 1.10 development branch has been created back in October 2007, in preparation for subsequent release.

Beta testing is now underway for the 1.10 development branch, and there is now a feature freeze on 1.10. Refer to Branch110Beta for more information.

Release manager for the first release candidate is nkoth. His task is to coordinate the release efforts and to enforce the freezing.

Please refer to Branch110 for more developer information.

Here is list of new features in TikiWiki 1.10

Here is a 1.10 test site: http://110.tiki.org/

Release cycle for 1.10

The beta opens the bugfixing/stabilization period of time that should lead us to a final 1.10.0 release, after sufficient number of release candidate are made to address issues we'll find in the source code. Beta versions will get out every few weeks until satisfactory consensus on its stability among the community.


What next ?

As 1.9 is frozen, and now 1.10 is under release cycle and then frozen as well, new contributions will have to go to HEAD branch. There are currently discussion about switching from CVS to SVN, and incrementing the major version number, so after 1.10, we could begin the 2.0 development process. All these are important parallel discussions but should not interfere with the current RC process of the code in BRANCH-1-10.

Please refer to Branch110.

1.10 checklist

For preparing 1.10 release we need to establish an exhaustive inventory of all features, with information about their state of development, their usability and buginess. Some very old unused features could be removed from the code repository if they are proven as disfunctional and have no developer maintaining and responding.

We could use trackers for such inventory, but it suffice to use wiki pages to have an easier whole picture to come out from its browsing. If you want to participate in that inventory, please visit and edit Release110Checklist.

Bugs that are related to the release

There is a category created on dev.tiki.org, such that bugs can be flagged (through a checkbox) as relating to this release process. This checkbox can be found under the grouping "Related to project". This can be a useful tool to keep track of stuff that is important in the release process.

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The following information could be outdated and should be merged into information on Release110Checklist

Please add your name for each release blocker you want to submit to have more information

Release Blockers!

Those are in 1.9.x, too! Listed here for completeness.

  • multilingual tracker field - sylvie
  • finish cleaning on notification - sylvie
  • duplicated indexes - sylvie
  • db/profiles/default-inserts.sql broken: ERROR 1136 (21S01) at line 339: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 - ohertel
  • after admin login admin menu is not visible - ohertel
  • htmlpurifier - transforming a little too many special characters as < in plugin for an html wiki page. What do we do? - sylvie
  • check login admin in tiki-install if new auth tiki - sylvie
  • default category group - sylvie

What will be great to have
  • blog perm - sylvie
  • centralize permission checking with get_perm_object as soon as local perm are handled - sylvie


  • Security: cleanup url parameter filters, avoid some error messages - ohertel
  • Security: bug fixed in InterTiki authentication - ohertel


  • fixed a regression with "...but requires admin approval" registration type backported to 1.9 - mdavey
  • highlighting: still not perfect highlight regexp, but this one is not buggy at least - mose
  • many minor bugs fixed and cleanup - sylvie, mose, ohertel, marclaporte, luci
  • PHPLayers: broken vertical menu - sylvie
  • RSS feeds: broken urls - ohertel
  • RSS feeds: missing calendar data - ohertel
  • Tiki Calendar: fixed link to calendar item from list view - mose
  • Tikisheets: some minor fixes - sylvie, lph
  • tracker: can have multiple tracker plugin on a same page sylvie
  • Users registering with validation turned on will be denied if User Messaging is also off, otherwise admin mail will fill up and be unaware. kerrnel22


  • actionlog: new feature that enables to see some report and stat of user actions on a user basis or category basis - sylvie
  • article: plugin and module articles with a new param sort - sylvie
  • article topic email notification sylvie
    • BOX() plugin now uses template for display - (telenieko)
  • comment: new list_comments displays a summary of all the comments (wiki, article, blog..) and enable you to delete them - handy in case of spam - sylvie
  • contribution - sylvie
  • different points: http://fr.tiki.org/tiki-index_raw.php?page=cvs%201.10 gillesm
  • file galleries archive sylvie
  • files gallerie lock-in sylvie
  • forums: new import tool added to admin forums that will import from another site's tiki sql file dump. kerrnel22
  • group: a user can choose his group among a list of groups chosen by the admin at registration time - sylvie
  • login: case insentive login/remin password (previous users with a same upper case login will still have to log with a righ case) - sylvie
  • login: delete user is case sensitive - sylvie
  • login: some more explicit messages when registration fails (it is your login, your password, the case) - sylvie
  • logs: clean logs button - sylvie
  • logs: record each user timeout and user back in time - sylvie
  • menu: can display multiple phplayers menu of the same type - sylvie
  • multilingual: global parameter switchLang that can be add to each url to switch language - sylvie
  • New templates dir for plugins templates/plugins - (telenieko)
  • search: New option for enabling MySQL4 boolean searching for search_box (tiki-searchresults.php, old searchlib) - (terence) probably broken
  • split plugin and edit section - sylvie
  • Tikisheets: permissions - sylvie, charset aware import/export - marcmunt coding, xavi helpd in design
  • Tracker: can choose csv char encoding sylvie
  • tracker: each field can have a description that is displayed at edition time - sylvie
  • tracker: new option in category tracker field: radio or checkbox to have one or many categs - sylvie
  • Trackers: new option - to have only one item per user sylvie
  • Trackers: radio button field - sylvie
  • url parameter atts_show to display attachment div - sylvie
  • (user info) to be able to see user creation(page, blog..) in is user page - sylvie
  • user preference: Users can provide their gender information — someone already started it in the code, finished by - luci
  • user tracker: some fields of a user tracker can be filled at registration time - sylvie
  • webmail: usernames in send a message must be separated with ; to allow name with space and , (use \; for name with ;) - sylvie
  • wiki: a new option to put [+] before the header or after - sylvie
  • wiki: a new option to put the icon[+] before the heading and not after - sylvie
  • wiki: can attached files a edit time with an inclusion of a download button at cursor position - sylvie
  • wiki: can directly attach a (or many) file in a page like an image - create a file plugin call in the page body - sylvie
  • wiki: keep the page body when use a template (body and template are concatenated) - sylvie
  • wiki: new choice: a wiki attachement can be downloaded as a file or directly displayed in the browser - sylvie
  • wiki: new feature protect email in the wiki syntax: call a javascript that creates the email or if no javascript, print the email without link - sylvie
  • wiki: new feature When viewing a page, if it doesn't exist and has one like page, automatic redirection to this like page - sylvie
  • wiki: new wiki comments mail notification - sylvie
  • wiki: when editing a new page, if it has likepages, displays the names of the likepages - sylvie

New Goodies

  • Action logs: select features, report, export... - sylvie coding, xavi helped in design.
  • Contributions: added to wiki, forum, comments, tikisheets, blogs, plus action log - sylvie coding, xavi helped in design.
  • File Galleries: galleries can have a type now: 'default' (as before), 'podcast (audio)' and 'podcast (video)'. these new podcast gallery types provide: direct download links, attached rss feeds are itunes podcast feeds - ohertel
  • File Galleries: support for batch uploading files from a server directory, needed for large podcast files etc. - ohertel
  • Folksonomy tags - amette
  • module: Article topics module: displays the topics list with a link to the view articles of the topic - sylvie
  • module: Categories module: displays complete or partial categories tree with possibility to change menu style - sylvie
  • New release notification: Beginning with, admin user will have a red banner announcing the latest release of Tiki. This ensures that folks who do not always visit the *.tw.o sites regularly are made immediately aware of upgrades, some of which are critical security updates. kerrnel22
  • plugin trackerstat sylvie
  • plugin vote based on tracker sylvie
  • RSS feeds: PODCAST Support - unique rss feed output for itunes podcasts - ohertel
  • Styles: icon replacement - all icons are replaced with new ones: 16x16 icons from famfam silk icon set, 32x32 and bigger from jini icon set - ohertel
  • TikiSearchIndex - script for updating tiki search index - sylvie


  • MDavey started work on an underlying general events notification framework - see TikiSignal. This will be particularly useful for plugins.

New installer


CSS changes

  • showhide_heading: a new class for heading whose content can be hide/show and for this content - sylvie
  • change in tiki.tpl {include file=$mid} changed into {$mid_data} - sylvie
  • change in tiki.tpl: added alert bar if logged in as admin and new release is available; part of release notification changes. kerrnel22
  • see styles/transitions/1.9to1.10.css - sylvie
  • new stylesheet modern.css - ohertel
  • update all stylesheets: new admin menu - ohertel
  • change in tiki-top_bar.tpl replaced hard-coded version and star with {$tiki_version} and {$tiki_star} as part of release notification changes. kerrnel22

Database changes

  • new table tiki_events for the TikiSignal internal framework
  • new table tiki_registration_fileds for customising the registration page (not currently in use)
  • update icons for default quicktags
  • new varchar field type for table tiki_file_galleries ('default', 'podcast', 'vidcast', ...)
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