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Planning things

Fixing sessions

Crash course: how to solve "small" bugs and track regressions (phpStorm) - (started)

Editing a Plugin via plugin helper icon on a translated page looses the translation assigned!


Tracker plugin, we can’t set the fields order anymore


Plugin inline editing is saved but modal stays open


Plugins should refresh content at start of inline editing to avoid overwriting previous changes


Numeric field 0 value is returned as "No value" in the plugin list


Tracker plugin, transaction step don't work


Rebuild index exit page not where it started (BS)

plain page, no more admin icons, etc

Tracker plugins are not displayed in the plugin help anymore

Fixing and improving GUI for the plugin list

Intertiki "Never logged" wrongly over user on the userlist (JB)

Fixing multiple errors on page all over Doc and Dev (JB)

Structure create a child page is not there anymore (BS)

Fixing Demo/Tiki pending stuff

Next dogfood server (Amette)

KGB irc communication repairs

Better update/upgrade (switch branch) for the show instances

Reviewing trunk for regressions (untested commits)

Features request

Renaming a page should be logged in wiki history

Fixes and opinions

Login restriction (JML)

Opinions on suggested features of restricting the number of login devices per user.

Every month I can allow only 3-4 computers (browsers, actually), to access the site as paying subscribers with the same user/password (paying subscribers are all in the same tiki group).

I am thinking I could limit the browsers a user can use each month (via cookies?) to 3.
When a registered user connects to xxxxxx.com, we set a cookie in his computer, and we register his computer/browser as "authorised computer for 30 days"
Every time he comes back to xxxxxxx we read his cookie to we check if he is an "authorised computer". If he is already authorised we let him log in, if he is not we check how many "authorised computers" do we have listed from him. If we have less than 3 authorised computers we register his new computer and let him log in. If he already has 3 authorised machines no deny the login.
In case a computer is not used in 30 days we drop it from the list of authorised computers.

I will also need a "control panel" so I can manually remove authorised machines from the list (I guess I will have to make some exceptions as users buy new computers, delete cookies, travel...), or change the number of authorised devices to 4, 5, 2...

Looks good for Tiki19? Needs rethinking? Looks good to me.

Tracker variables in templates (JML)

According to https://doc.tiki.org/Pretty-Tracker#Syntax_tips we should be able to access and display all fields of a tracker item in the template of TRACKER plugins plus the following:

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($f_create): created date ($f_status_input): status input field ($f_status): status (output) ($f_itemId): the item id ($f_lastmodif): last modified date (this will display unix date, for human readable date look below) ($itemoff): the iteration number of each item ($tr_offset): the offset of the item, i.e. this is the nth item of the total number of x items

Tracker variables in mail output (JML)

We should be able to access and display all fields of a tracker in the outgoing mail template.

According to https://doc.tiki.org/PluginTracker we are also missing the following:

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$mail_user $mail_trackerId $mail_item_desc $mail_trackerName $mail_machine $mail_machine_raw $server_name $status

→ r65471

Pending (ongoing, not yet finished)

Setting up a pair of Tikis as SAML IdP and SP (Torsten)

See SAML-SSO-Authentication, SAML and SAML
Recently on an initiative of Marc Laporte php-saml by onelogin.com was implemented to Tiki. It should be possible to setup a Tiki as SAML Identity Provider (IdP) and as SAML Service Provider (SP). Getting this to work and documented for the enduser (currently the documentation is barely existing) would allow SingleSignOn (SSO) across various websites, given they are also capable of SAML login/logout respective of using SAML authentication against an IdP. Tiki as IdP brings SingleSignOn to the average SharedHosting customer who cannot afford to install and maintain for example a dedicated LDAP server.

A non-profit organisation runs a Nextcloud, a Tiki website (or another CMS with SAML authentication option) and a Tiki based members wiki/forum/... .
Active members of such an organisation often complain about the necessity of several logins with extra password on each and that they have to login to each subparts of the environment. When passwords are changed on one subpart, the passwords on other subparts are not automatically consistent, respectively not changed accordingly. result might be the use of easy to remember unsecure passwords, the use of same password on several independant accounts or avoiding to use the apps at all.
With SAML SSO the organisation can provide the users the experience of using one complete app/environment where it would not be important where the users start to work, as they are logged in and logged out throughout the whole set of subparts of the webproject. Nextcloud contains WebRTC based Voice/Video and Chat besides file sharing and other collaborative features well adding to Tikis advanced collaboration and publication features.

Advanced UseCase:
By adding a dedicated server or Cloudserver (ex: Docker environment) it would be possible to add Libre Office based Collabora Office (version CODE = free open source) to the Nextcloud for online and optionally simultaneous File creation and editing (very similar to Google Docs or Office 365) plus Elasticsearch for advanced fulltextsearch in Tiki (maybe aswell in Nextcloud/Collabora).

The onelogin/php-saml code installed by the Composer based new Tiki feature Packages was evaluated and the SAML partly configured on the IdP side and the SP side with two Tikis. Currently the setup does not work yet and it is not clear, if the implementation is complete or robust. Although it looks like the implementation is complete enough, that it can be made running with the current code with configuring files and control panels only.
Some help by a SAML experienced developer or the coder of the SAML-Tiki implementation would be helpful and appreciated, .

Future TikiFest planning




Releasing 18.1 and backports

If not done yet some backports

Checking the release script (language not updated)

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