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  • Improve Tiki before releasing 1.9.8
  • Have fun
  • Saturday night party (for anyone interested in Free software & wikis, not just Tiki!)


Remember the first time you installed Tiki? Remember how overwhelmed or even confused you were with all the features, options, etc? While Tiki is generally stable and has a ton of features, it is daunting for the new users (admins). Tiki 1.9.7 is much better than 1.9.0 in this respect. However, their is still plenty of low-hanging fruit to be picked.


June 9th & 10th 2007, and Tiki 1.9.8 to be released the following week-end

sylvie: Just to remind you - doing too many change to tiki1.9 will be hard to merge ;-). Now we get about 20 conflicts at each merge that have already being solved but this stupid CVS do not remember... So If the modifications are done in 1.9, what about the merge?
marclaporte: Yes Sylvie, we will be careful. Most changes I have in mind (ex.: adding tips in admin panel) should not cause merge issue. For the exceptions, we could do on HEAD at the same time. We could go over the list before we start to decide how to handle each. Thanks!



For travelers, it is possible to rent a room at la Bande Passante for CA$15 per night.


It is open to everyone who is interested in Tiki. You do not need to know how to code. You can help by testing the software, with the documentation, getting cold drinks from the fridge, or telling jokes...

Physical presence

  1. Marc Laporte,Montréal,
  2. Nelson Ko, Ottawa
  3. Md Aminul Islam, Ottawa
  4. Guy Vigneault Longueuil
  5. Yann Louvel : Montréal
  6. Add your name here! Please indicate your city and

Online presence

  1. xavi (Xavier de Pedro), Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
  2. ricks99, Sanford, NC, USA
  3. Gary Cunningham-Lee, Tokyo, JP
  4. Alain Désilets, Ottawa, Canada (for a 90 minute presentation about user interfaces)
  5. Robert Biddle, University of Carleton
  6. Add your name here! Please indicate your city

Saturday night party only

  1. Add your name here! Please indicate your city


Making Tiki easier to use for new admins.

Here is a default install of Tiki 1.9.7:
Username- admin
Password- demo

To do list

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Pre-event todo

  • List on calendars and invite all groups from Montreal & Quebec city (Marc)
  • List on calendars and invite all groups from Ottawa (Nelson)
  • List on calendars and invite all groups from Toronto (Mike P)
  • Using Tiki Maps, identify all Tikiwiki.org users within 500 km of Montreal (Franck) and invite them (Marc)



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