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NTDTV had this to say about TikiFests when we held the longest one ever in Barcelona in summer 2009.


  • 14-15-16-17-18 January 2010
  • From about 10 in the morning to whenever each day
  • Special reception on Saturday afternoon (the 16th), starting at 2 p.m.


  • It's a big bug squash! We'll knock out as many bugs as we can, and if it can't be fixed in 30 minutes, then we move on to the next one -> 30 minutes fixes
  • Saturday afternoon (the 16th), starting at 2 p.m., there'll be:
    • Introduction to Tiki
    • Launch of Tikiwiki.tv: Our new video portal using the latest Tiki-Kaltura integration.
    • Beer, wine and refreshments. (What? No cocktails?! eek)

Anyone who wants to do demos/presentations of their Tiki projects or anything else is welcome to be part of the schedule. Just add it in.


  • lindon
  • Marc Laporte (Arrival 13th, departure 19th)
  • jonny B (arrive Jan 14th p.m., departure 19th)
  • Nelson Ko (arrive Jan 15 before noon)
  • Pascal St-Jean
  • Rise (he will be attending for ibrrorg on 16JAN10 after 1500EST)
  • Philippe Cloutier
  • Kimberlyf
  • Adam Miron
  • Duane Kennedy
  • Mike Girardin

  • You?


Casa Frela Gallery in New York City (Manhattan) in the neighborhood of Harlem. The address is:
Casa Frela
47 West 119th St.
New York, NY 10026
+1 212-722-8577

Go here for directions and information about car service and local accommodations. There is also space at Casa Frela to stay, please contact lindon to reserve a sleeping spot.

Live audio-video-chat-screensharing

website: http://algonquincollege.bigbluebutton.org/tiki.html

password: tiki

Voice Options:

  • You can use built in VOIP
  • Call local Ottawa Number - 613-366-1985
  • Call local Toronto Number - 647-367-2991
  • Call Toll-Free Number - 866-964-7085

Conference Number: 85113

Hope to see you there!




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