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A tradition in the Tiki community, a TikiFest is when there is a meeting between at least two Tiki contributors that don't usually meet.

This is an opportunity, usually, to drink adult beverages, get some laptops out and code wildly in group sessions and/or discuss about wiki technology and culture, etc. depending the mood and context. It is a great opportunity for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff. :-)

The majority of the most active contributors to Tiki will be present, with devs from many countries.

It is part of a larger event: WikiSuite Unconference 1


Friday September 7th to Wednesday September 19th 2018 (12 days).

If you come for a shorter period (ex.: driving from the US), come towards the end, which will be the peak of everyone there. If you are traveling from far (ex.: Israel, Germany or Japan), you should come for two weeks and make that long flight worth it!


Name Arriving Departing Notes
Jonny Bradley YUL 6 Sep 14:10 YUL 19 Sep 19:20
Marc Laporte local local
Jean-Marc Libs YUL 6 Sep 17:50 YUL 21 Sep 22:15
Roberto Kirschbaum YUL 6 Sep 18:14 YUL 19 Sep 20:00
lindon YUL 16 Sep 12:31 YUL 20 Sep 13:06
Daniel Gauthier local local
Charles Robert local local
luciash d' being 🧙 YUL 6 Sep 17:14 (flight delay/change) YUL 19 Sep 16:50
drsassafras 9 Sep 20:00 19 Sep arrival time TBA
Benoit Grégoire local local
Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist YUL 6 Sep 15:55 YUL 19 Sep 15:45
Gary Cunningham-Lee YUL Sep 6 16:30 YUL Sep 20 13:55
Rick Sapir / Tiki for Smarties YUL Sep 13 21:58 YUL Sep 16 18:00
Victor Emanouilov YUL Sep 11 18:40 YUL Sep 19 19:15
Mike Finko YUL Sep 11 20:20 YUL Sep 20 19:40
Nelson Ko Sep 15 will meet you at the FACiL event late evening Sep 17
Jan Vincent Chug YUL Sep 9 PM YUL Sep 17 PM
Isabelle (https://isabellemontminy.net/) local local
Benoit R. local local
Guus YUL Sep 7 15:20 YUL Sep 12 18:45
Dele YUL Sep 6 YUL Sep 16
Jorge (Xorti) YUL Sep 12 14:40 YUL Sep 19 19:20
Benjamin and Peter (from Toronto) Sept 9 evening Sept 11 evening ClearOS core devs, so we focus all ClearOS-related sessions on these days
Philippe? Mohammed
Éric B (to be confirmed)

For visitors, you may need a visa and/or an ETA

The process has changed recently. So you may need a visa and/or an ETA:
If you need any help to get a visa, contact Marc Laporte


I am an American citizen. What do I need to enter Canada?

How much

It is free to attend this event. You can make a Contribute to Tiki though :-)


Montréal, Québec, Canada
The event will mostly be in one place in Montréal. We are waiting to confirm the attendance numbers, and then, we will confirm exact location.


  • We have lodging available with local community members so just get in touch with Marc Laporte for more information.

What to do for fun in Montreal

If you are from out of town and are planning to do some touristy things in Montreal, here is some info.

Montreal is a very fun and safe city with a vibrant nightlife and an excellent cultural scene. There will be plenty of folks there to help you find something fun to do.

Personal guide

Daniel Gauthier is able to drive you around depending on your needs (date and time sensitive) should you wish to go somewhere or do something special.


Not sure how accurate this is but it gives some idea of what to expect: Montreal weather long-range forecast.

Pictures and videos

Please upload all your pictures and videos during the Unconference in this Files Gallery

Main Topics Confirmed Schedule

Friday September 7th

Brainstorming session on possible TikiFest discussion topics


Saturday September 8th

Wikis and Free / Libre / Open Source Software for the health sector in Québec

This will be in French
12h-13h30: Lunch pour faire connaissance (4319 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal) ici: http://www.tomatostdenis.ca/en/
13h30-15h: Puis, nous passerons chez moi (tout prêt) et chaque participant présente une courte démo de leur projet. Nous aurons un écran géant.
15h-16h30: Discussion de groupe
16h30-17h: Quelles suites voulons nous donner? Événement similaire à chaque 6 mois?
17h+ souper optionnel

Default UX patterns in Tiki


  • Isabelle Montminy makes fantastic designs for some Tiki-powered projects. But in some cases, it leads to significant changes from the Tiki default. And thus, it's more work. How about we change the defaults in Tiki? Let's discuss.
    • So we can start thinking about this, if it's not too much trouble, can we have some examples of defaults or general problem areas that may need changing?
      • Wiki actions: Some are buttons, some are in the Action drop list, some are within the More button
      • Forum design: Especially the inability to include a forum (not simply a list) within a wiki page.
  • Dates: September 14th and 15th (when Rick is here) There are no dates where both Rick and Isabelle are available so we need to pick something else
  • Essential participants: Isabelle, Rick, Benoit Roy, Gary, luci
    • If possible: Bernard, Michael



Sunday September 9th

Monday September 10th

10h-12h Presentation of ClearOS (Peter and Benjamin)
13h-18h ClearOS, Openfire and Tiki integration

  • Mailing lists without Mailman, using only Tiki, ClearOS groups and ClearOS email accounts: http://wikisuite.org/item22
  • Issue with sessions (Jean-Marc)
  • Openfire app for ClearOS
  • Screencast to Tiki to replace jCapture
  • If users are managed in OpenLDAP, how to handle use cases where users register a new account via Tiki?
  • XMPP chat logs searchable via Tiki. How?
  • Multiple ClearOS instances in a cluster (Elasticsearch, Openfire, Gateway to web server, etc.)

ClearOS Openfire Notes from the discussion

ClearOS Tiki Notes from the discussion

  • Mailing lists without Mailman: we will improve Tiki. ClearOS should already be OK. Later, we can add a way to send the mails via an external provider

Tuesday September 11th

This will be held at:

  • Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science, Concordia University
  • 1515, Ste. Catherine West, 2nd Floor, Room EV 2-309
  • Montreal H3G 2W1 (Concordia Metro station, green line)

Security hardening in WikiSuite (ClearOS, Tiki, Openfire, etc.)


  • More secure default settings (ex.: Tiki's security.ini, ClearOS 2FA for phpMyAdmin, etc.)
  • How to improve the situation when a vulnerability is found? Ex.: The Expose Intrusion Detection System permits Custom rules via the admin interface. This could permit to add a temporary rule until upgrading Tiki to a version which includes a proper patch.

BINARM 2.0 project presentation by Mourad Debbabi and his team

13h-15h presentation of BINARM: Scalable and Efficient Detection of Vulnerabilities in Firmware Images of Intelligent Electronic Devices

Architectural integrity monitoring and the WikiSuite stack

15h-17h formal presentation with Michael Weiss and Steven Muegge.

Carleton University + Concordia University + ClearOS + WikiSuite collaboration

Round table discussion on how to best work together
Discuss Fosdem plans during or around TRM

Wednesday September 12th

XMPP / WebRTC sprint on September 8-9-10-11-12 with Dele and Guus from XMPP: Openfire + Pàdé + Converse + WebRTC: Jitsi Meet

Realtime collaborative editing

  • Victor, Guus and Marc discussed the various options like TogetherJS, WOOT, etc. to have real time collaboration on various features (mostly wiki pages, but we want it as much as possible on other features like trackers and spreadsheets). Unfortunately, Dele and Jonny were not at the discussion because of a scheduling conflict, so the discussion will continue but here is a high-level report:

The plan:

  • Openfire will become a TogetherJS-compatible server, which is useful even without Tiki or ClearOS
  • Not a lot of code to manage
  • Will work on all features
  • Easy to integrate in any web app


Afternoon: Jean-Marc, Luci, Gary, Jonny, Roberto, and many others

Thursday September 13th

9h-11h: Jean-Marc and Marc have a meeting downtown
PM: This is one week sooner that the usual Roundtable meeting was already scheduled.
It will start from Marc’s Office at 10:00. Please arrive earlier so we can prepare and start in time. Roundtable Meeting 2018 09

13h-15h Dele will present Pade, and then, we discuss Real time collaboration use cases

Sponsored dinner

An anonymous donor has sponsored dinner and drinks for the group. He is very thankful of all the hard work by the community and impressed by Tiki.

Friday September 14th

Advanced Trackers Use cases

9h-12h: Michael: Tiki Farms, PPM, Jean-Marc for https://www.rbiq-qbin.qc.ca/
Yannick from Musicaction

PluginList/PluginListGUI demo (request)


  • By anyone with knowledge to share, but probably Jonny.

Tiki for Accounting

14h-16h30: Victor, Benoit Grégoire, Marc, Roberto, Michael and some team members from telescope.ca

Cartograf, Mapping the Future

14h-16h30: Jonny, Luci, Steve and Paul R (and anyone else who’s interested) to discuss Cartograf and update it to Tiki 18.x (parallel track in the other apartment)
https://profiles.tiki.org/CartoGraf v18 and the future. Done: now we have cartograf_tiki18 mrgreen

Saturday September 15th

Free Software day 2018

13h-17h presentations in French + booth
17h-21h Open Source Beer

Marc will present at 15h30 the State of WikiSuite in 2018 (in French)
WikiSuite is a sponsor of the event, and will have a WikiSuite booth

slides and video (in French)

Sunday September 16th

  • Coaching Matthew on his new project, part 2

Roles / Organic Groups / Workspaces


  • Victor, Jonny, Nelson, Michael, etc.
  • Nelson will present examples of projects with advanced configurations for roles and permissions
  • https://dev.tiki.org/Roles-and-Permissions
  • Perhaps 2 new group handling types: (EponymousGroups and Roles)
  • Let's discuss Addons to see how they fit in workspaces and organic groups

Introduction to GitLab Continuous Integration

10h-12h (Yes, it overlaps with event above so you need to choose)
Collège de Maisonneuve, room B-1166
3800, rue Sherbrooke Est Montréal Montréal

Wiki Parsers and WYSIWYG


Monday September 17th



TRIM web interface

Benoit Roy, Jorge, etc.

tiki.org legal matters


  • Incorporation renewal (Nelson, Gary and Benoit)
    • Reviewed Legal Team and Tiki Ongoing Legal Tasks
      • Update list of project admins
      • Annual meeting (Jan/Feb)
      • Annual filing of income information (Jan-June 30 for previous year)
  • Trademarks
    • Existing issues
  • Transfer payment of ovh server to TSCA (Nelson and Jean-Marc)

Sprint to revamp The Wishlist


  • âś” Modernize https://dev.tiki.org/Make-a-wish
  • Collectively focus on voting on all recently added/edited issues. Editing issues is broken (Victor is working on it)

Post 19.0 lifecycle discussion 6-6-6 vs 8-8-8 vs something else

lunch discussion (we will order food)
Discuss and decide among the options

  1. Stay 6-6-6 as now: https://tiki.org/Versions
  2. Some other idea
  3. Go to 8-8-8 as detailed below
Release of x.0 Version EoL
2018-01 18LTS 2023-01 (5 years: skip 1 LTS and use 24LTS)
2018-10 19 2019-07
2019-06 20 2020-03
2020-02 21LTS 2025-02 (5 years: skip 1 LTS and use 27LTS)
2020-10 22 2021-07
2021-06 23 2022-03
2022-02 24LTS 2027-02 (5 years: skip 1 LTS and use 30LTS)
2022-10 25 2023-07
2023-06 26 2024-03
2024-02 27LTS 2029-02 (5 years: skip 1 LTS and use 33LTS)
2024-10 28 2023-07
2025-06 29 2024-03
2026-02 30LTS 2031-02 (5 years: skip 1 LTS and use 36LTS)
2026-10 31 2023-07
2027-06 32 2024-03
2028-02 33LTS 2033-02 (5 years: skip 1 LTS and use 39LTS)

Conclusion of the Tikifest and devlist discussion

The conclusion is that a large majority of those who expressed an opinion prefer 8-8-8.

So unless the rest of the community objects, we will move to this lifecycle. If some non-present community members react strongly, the debate will be pursued.

It would look like this:
Tiki19: 2018-October
Tiki20: 2019-June
Tiki21LTS: 2020-February
Tiki22: 2020-October
Tiki23: 2021-June
Tiki24LTS: 2022-February

So there will be 2 years between LTS versions (instead of 1.5). LTS versions will remain supported for 5 years, like now. So it will be possible to skip 1 LTS but no longer 2.

This longer period will provide more time where trunk is open for refactoring and where we are not in the https://dev.tiki.org/Semi-automatic-merging-period
It will give more time for non-LTS versions to stabilize

A tradeoff is that this provides post-LTS windows (which are the time from major things like changing Bootstrap 3 to 4) once every 24 months instead of 18 months.

It's also a longer time to the next version. So it will lead to more backporting.

We have tried in the past to keep the requirements identical for all versions in a cycle (ex.:16-17-18) but this was already not reliable given lifecycles of other projects (ex: PHP). So we will make it clear that requirements can go up in each standard release. Ex. Tiki19 requires PHP 7.1, while Tiki21LTS may very well require PHP 7.2 If you can't upgrade your infrastructure, it's safer to stay on LTS versions.

We will improve:

  • Continuous integration (to keep trunk more stable)
  • The release process (to take less time to release)

We may introduce publicized alpha snapshots from trunk. Ex.:
2020-March-15 Tiki20 Alpha 1 from trunk
2020-April-15 Tiki20 Alpha 2 from trunk
2020-May-1 Tiki20 Branching
2020-May-15 Tiki20 Beta
2020-June-15 Tiki20.0

In 2 years, we'll evaluate how things went and we can re-discuss any major policy changes.

My own views on this topic: I think both 6 month cycle and 8 month cycle are perfectly viable options. The most important is that the lifecycle is predictable enough and rapid enough as explained here: https://tiki.org/Versions

Review all *tikiwiki.org and *tiki.org DNS entries and @tiki.org mail system


  • luci, Roberto, Jean-Marc and Marc at least. There are quite a few leftovers to clean up.
  • There is a lot of usage of A records when CNAMEs should be used
  • Decide the fate of some orphan sub-domains http://tv.tiki.org
  • Decide the backups strategy for non tiki community assets
    • show
    • demo
    • piwik
    • irc bots
    • …
  • Mail
    • Decide if we keep same system (person who set up the system is not maintaining it)
    • Dogfood groupmail: We have some shared email addresses that redirect to several people.
    • Clean out @tiki.org mails of inactive people?

Documentation sprint


  • Let's take a few hours to improve the Tiki19 page.
    • SVN commits were checked and "new" and "enhanced' items were added to the page.
  • Pref report for trunk to discover new prefs

Elasticsearch presentations

  • 18h30-21h30


Tuesday September 18th

Discussion about feature removal


TikiFest 2018 short videoconference

11h-11h30 (EST)

Rollodeqc demo

http://www.rollodeqc.com, Le répertoire des développeurs et développeuses le plus complet* au Québec.

Tiki Coordinator and Secretary

Discussion over lunch
First Admin discussion and review about the task (past and that should be set) for Bernard as Tiki coordinator and Gary as secretary
Formalisation of the agreement between the Tiki Association and Bernard, and another for Gary
Bernard, Marc and Gary should be present for this discussion as well as any Admin interested.

PhpStorm demo


  • By Jonny

Apache NetBeans and Eclipse


  • By Maude

Tiki 19.0 release planning


  • Roberto, Michael, Jonny, Marc
    • Fix last big bugs
  • Add branch 19.x everywhere (profiles, bug tracker, etc.)
    • When to branch, etc.

The plan is here: https://dev.tiki.org/Tiki19#Release_plan

AvanTech SWOT and roadmap


  • Marc will present high-level plan for next 5 years
  • Rebranding, expansion, etc.
  • Impact on WikiSuite.org and the components (Tiki, Openfire, etc.)
  • Open discussion

Group dinner

19h to late
To do: pick place

Wednesday September 19th

Rest APIs

Let's add a formal API to Tiki, and use this for our Federation features.
Would be nice to also permit documentation of our APIs within Tiki

Victor, Jonny, Benoit Gregoire, Brendant, etc.

BPMN/DMN discussions / Workflows


Paper cut and design, part 2


  • We eat at the office (take-out, delivery or from the fridge)

Improving Wizard on new install (Isabelle, Benoit Roy, Gary, etc.)
This is a good opportunity to submit nice/interesting/etc Tiki sites to the Featured Tikis page.
Keep in mind that some people will progressively leave starting late afternoon to catch their flight home.

Next event or online

  • Active Directory/LDAP
  • H5P Roadmap
  • TRIM Revamp: New name? Tiki Deployer? Tiki Manager? Benoit Roy, Xorti, Marc, etc. TRIM Revamp
  • Stats strategy: How to improve Tiki's internal stat tools to become awesome
  • Shopping Carts A TikiFest perennial! :-) It's been suggested i should look into working out how to integrate OpenCart 3/Journal 3 (which i think is a theme) into Tiki - might be worth another brief session?
  • Tiki Connect and mother.tiki.org
    Jonny Bradley wrote:
    How about we do a session at the TikiFest (like an afternoon?) to get TikiConnect enabled by default in Tiki 19 and then we can see what's actually happening out there? Mostly just needs a bit more in the installer, oh, and some better reporting and visualisation of the (anonymised) data... but would be fun!
    https://mother.tiki.org is on new server, running trunk and ready to go!


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