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This is targeted towards small business and is intended to create an account and some basic structure at installation, either on the LAN server or at the LAN with internet.

The issue at hand is to make this a kiss interface with a basic installation wizzard. Its basically a questionare that will create a structure that is immedeately useful. For a small biz of up to 5 2 20 staff maybe

TikiWiki Small biz installer

Installation wizxard could go throught the following path

Step 1 - Company details

  • which country are you at
  • What is your company name
  • Registered address
  • postcode
  • tel no
  • fax
  • vat no
  • your Real name
  • your username is admin
  • and password
  • motto
  • goes off and inserts data into CRM

Step 2 - Online wizzard

  • banner at top now shows my company name
  • what is your domain eg example.com
  • automatically creates enty in text box's of
  • www.example.com - web address
  • do you wish to use webmail
  • smtp.example.com - smtp server
  • pop3.example.com - pop3
  • ldap ?
  • send to server

Step 3 - Users

  • on left textarea - Please enter a list of all the user in the text area one per line eg Linus Gates
  • on right textare and large selection box- please enter departments in your company, or select from the list (eg sales, support, accounts, telesales, delivery, purchase, orders, despath, mail) - suppost these would be tikigroups
  • sends to server

Step 4 - Map users to departments

  • presents grid of check box's so departments can be checked. Please note an user can belong to more than one dept eg sales and support
  • send to server

Step 5 - Users and passwords

  • do you want to
  • set a special password for everyone now (in small offices that's the way it goes)
  • create a group password now as users will be forced to change when they login
  • send ot server

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