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From Matthews's presentation

The Developer

  • Danny wants it to be part of a community
  • Dan wants to have a say in the development
  • A “fun weekend” results in 10,000 lines of code

The Guerilla Developer

  • Loves to impress others with a quick solution to a problem
  • Spends a lot of time reading through code, learning all the time
  • Writes about 100 lines of code a week

The Hobbyist

  • Harry is using Tiki to create a community
  • Harriet is interested more in the hobby than the software
  • Interested in easy to implement design and functionality

The Consultant

  • Interested in how it can be used to attract or satisfy his/her clients
  • Charlie needs the product to have credibility

The agency selector

  • Chris wants to use a technology as core to their business offerings
  • Must have confidence that the product will be around in 5 years time!!

The corporate client

The applicator

  • Andy is a corporate IT implementer wanting to solve a particular business problem
  • Wants software to work “off the shelf”
  • Likes setting it up but not programming code

The Entrepreneur

  • Erin the entrepreneur wants to make a fortune with it
    • Using Tiki as a platform (ex.: WikiFarm, Social Networking site, Selling stuff online, etc.)
    • Selling products or services for Tiki (Consulting, Hosting, etc.)
  • Wants to know how to sell it

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