Many fully develped Tikiwiki sites use the following configuration:

  • Uncheck Display modules to all groups always. Rationale: Some modules are useful (or wise to display) only to registered users.
  • Decide which modules should be seen by everyone (Anonymous permission level), by registered users only (Registered permission level), and by your administrative assistants (Editors permission level). Assign the appropriate permissions in the Admin Modules page.

TIP By default, admin sees every enabled module — but that doesn't mean users can! To make sure you know what your users are seeing, create a test user account, log in, and have a look.


Users can't see the modules I enabled!

Because module display is separately controlled by three different administration options, you might have trouble figuring out why certain modules are appearing (or failing to appear). Keep the following in mind:

  • If anonymous users see modules that you thought you had restricted to registered users, uncheck Display modules to all groups always (Administration/General tab).
  • If one or more modules don't appear, consider the following:
    • Did you enable Users can configure modules (Administration/features tab)? If so, you must separately enable and configure modules in your own MyTiki/Modules menu before users can see them.
    • Did you assign a permission level to the module? Look at the module's entry in the Assigned Modules table on the Admin Module page. If there's no entry in the Groups column, you need to assign a permission.

There are visibility options :

  • Displayed for the eligible users with no personal assigned modules
  • Displayed now for all eligible users even with personal assigned modules
  • Displayed now, can't be unassigned
  • Not displayed until a user chooses it

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