PluginFormula rendering problem

I've noticed that when I enable PluginFormula and render some equations (specifically ones including exponentiation [^]), the image comes out OK, but often there will be some additional html garbage tagged on to the end of it... which doesn't look very nice. I was able to figure out that this is probably happening because the wiki renderer is interpreting the text inside of the IMG ALT field. A simple patch to include wiki "no process" tags in there seems to fix it up. The patch follows:

--- wikiplugin_formula.php
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@
                $file = $tmpf . ".png";
                $html = "\""";
        return $html;

To do

  • Figure out how and where to submit attachment patch to the Tiki project
  • Look at bug that doesn't allow you to categorize a new article on submission (article object can only be categorized after it's been saved and you go back to modify it's characteristics).
  • Figure out how to include array of topic images for articles based on all the categories they belong to.
  • Wishlist wiki module


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